“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.”  – Muhammad Ali

Meet Mckenna and Sydney. True blue friends. And Taylor Swift devotees. 

Sydney, 12

You might be surprised to know that Sydney is pretty competitive. Don’t let her caring demeanor fool you — she’s tough on the basketball court or lacrosse field!

“My aunt inspires me because she had cancer and she recovered and fought through it, girl power!!!” said Sydney “She is now a teacher and she got a degree in math. She is a very smart woman.”

Many Sides of Me: Sydney - (cool) progeny

She loves Liz Kessler books and Taylor Swift, Italian food from Bertucci’s, kicking back with an episode of Dance Moms, and painting her nails. She’s looking forward to hanging out with her friends at the pool this summer. (Although the mall is close second when it comes to favorite places to hang with her buds).

Many Sides of Me: Sydney - (cool) progeny

“I’m apprehensive on where I want to go to high  school and college, and what I want to do with my life,” said 12-year-old Sydney. But when asked what kind of adult she’d like to be, she doesn’t hesitate:

“A smart, caring adult. One that gets a good job to provide for her family. Also a good mom that helps her kids through life.”

Sounds like a pretty amazing plan to us.

Mckenna, 11

Bubbly, fun, and creative. That’s how 11-year-old Mckenna describes herself.

She loves cooking, art, soccer, basketball, skiing, and has recently taken up sewing. Have a feeling some pretty amazing original designs are in the works…

Many Sides of Me: McKenna - (cool) progeny

Like Sydney, Mckenna is also inspired by someone with some serious girl power – Mother Theresa. Why? “Because she helps others with no price to pay. Her her kindness has changed the world.”

If she had a day to do anything, she’d go shopping in Milan. (Sounds about right for a budding fashionista.)

Mckenna lights up in front of the camera — especially when coaxed with a few Taylor Swift songs — but performing in front of an audience doesn’t come so naturally.

“I have stage fright,” said Mckenna. How does she overcome it? With a lotta love from her family.

Many Sides of Me: McKenna - (cool) progeny

She describes her style as modern boho and has a great style tip (honestly, it could be a life motto):

“Just add some bling.”

On Sydney – Casual Look: So Nikki Smart Cookie tank and Hudson pants. Dressy Look: Dress by Miss Behave.  On McKenna – Casual Look: Ella Moss dress, Mayoral denim jacket. Dressy Look: Pippa and Julie dress All available at Wee Chic Boutique at Green Spring Station.

many sides of me: because being a girl is (cool)
photo credit: Kakki Morrison
styling/art direction: Bridget Stickline, Heather Walsh
clothing: Wee Chic Boutique
hair design: Sarah Aiello

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