I don’t know about you, but meal planning is one of my sanity savers for getting through a busy week. With three young kids (one who thinks she’s a big kid at the ripe old age of almost 7) and a preschooler overcoming feeding issues, finding meals that appeal to everyone can be challenging. Especially if I find myself flying through Wegman’s or Whole Foods without a plan. 

In case you’re looking for a little dinner inspiration, here’s what we’re cooking this week. 

family-friendly dinners this week

MONDAY: Chicken with Strawberry Basil Sauce
It’s strawberry season! Who says you just have them with yogurt for breakfast? This recipe for chicken with strawberry basil sauce is quick + easy. Serve with sweet potato wedges and spinach salad. Don’t forget to cook an extra chicken breast so you can prep this easy mason jar salad for lunch the next day.

TUESDAY: Baked Pasta with Roasted Carrots
This particular pasta has a nice level of sweetness because of the carrots — and it tastes even better the next day (hello, leftovers for lunch). Angela’s resident picky six-year-old loved this Baked Pasta with Roasted Carrots and barely even noticed he was scarfing down roasted carrots and basil! Parenting score! Prep in the am or night before if you have a particularly crazy night. Just cook for 30 minutes instead of 15 if it’s going from fridge to table. 

WEDNESDAY: Pulled Pork BBQ Sliders
Let the crockpot do the heavy lifting for you with this Pulled Pork BBQ Slider recipe. Add a side of steamed veggies tossed in a little butter (or slaw if your kids like it!) and some fresh fruit. Dinner for everyone!

THURSDAY: Pork and Apple Grilled Quesadillas
Yes, you will have leftovers from Wednesday. And YES! Use them! This easy-peasy grilled quesadilla recipe is both kid-friendly and foodie-satisfying. Serve with black bean and corn salad.

FRIDAY: BLT Flatbread
One of my new favorite dinner shortcuts are pre-made flatbread pizza crusts. I’ll typically make two flatbreads — one adventurous one like this BLT pizza and one cheese and marinara. Because, kids. Word to the wise, you can also use ricotta cheese instead of burrata. Equally delicious! Whip up a Pimm’s Cup to go with it and toast the weekend. You made it!