Thrive On! That’s the motto and the guiding principle of summer camp at The Park School of Baltimore. 365 days a year Park’s unique approach to learning and growing flourishes amid the beauty and wonder of wooded 100-acre campus. In the summer months the grounds transform into the perfect base for Happy Campers ages 3 ½  and up.   

Camps Director Linda Butler has put together a program that offers something for all ages and paired it with a hand-picked staff of creative counselors. I recently had the chance to chat with her about the unique programing she’s put together. Plus I needed to give her the thumbs up for taking four words every parent dreads ‘Are we there yet?,’ and turning them into the title for a unique Excursion Camp. 

What should families expect at this weekend’s event?

“The event will be fun, festive and a good chance for families to see us in action,” Butler shares “… many of our energetic, talented and kind counselors will be on campus to meet campers.”

summer camp at the park school

Summer 2016 promises to be packed with fun and learning that engages both mind and body. Sessions slated to this point include; Sports-Games-Fun, Summer Soccer, Scouts Camp to name a few. There is even a program for hopefuls that long to become camp counselors and/or teachers one day. It seems kids like camp here so much they grow up and become staff.

Which of the camp’s plethora of activities offered was most popular with campers? 

“The time on the challenge course is one of the things campers love the most.  A great place to build leadership and team building skills while learning that you really can climb high or cross the zip line.” 

Get a sneak peek at summer Sunday, April 10th at the summer camp open house at The Park School. They’ll be opening their doors to welcome families and give them a taste of what’s ahead with this year’s camps and summer programing.

Meet the counselors, directors, and lifeguards. Tour the Park School campus, check out that popular challenge course, even jam with some of their music counselors. For the Little Makers out there the school will have their art specialist on-hand to help create a fun craft.

Just when you thought this afternoon couldn’t be more fun go and roll out a puppet show featuring their resident puppeteers from Beale Street Puppets! Nothing says family fun – any time of year– like puppets. But I wondered… um, what is a resident puppeteer? {and honestly, where can I get one?}

“This is the third summer that Park Camps has partnered with local group, Beale Street Puppets. Jill and Katrina from Beale Street… Jill and Katrina bring mounds of materials, endless energy and enthusiasm,” Linda tells me with infectious enthusiasm befitting a person who conceives the idea of puppeteers of residence.

Don’t let that chill in the air fool you. Summer is coming and now is the time to start thinking camp.
The summer camp open house at The Park School sounds like the perfect place to start.

the details

Open House at The Park School of Baltimore takes place Sunday, April 10th from 10 am through noon.

This is a FREE event

Visit The Park School of Baltimore event page more information. 


2425 Old Court Road
Baltimore, MD 21208
(410) 339-7070