Teacher appreciation day is Tuesday, May 3rd. Have you thought about showing your child’s favorite mentor a little love?

In our Pinterest-saturated world, sometimes we get bogged down in the perfection of it all. Finding the most awesomely crafted mason jar cookie mix. A tower of school supplies. A hand-stamped travel coffee mug. Sometimes we loose sight of the gratitude piece. That’s why I absolutely love how our school patron’s association thanks teachers every year… and they get all of the students in on the action. 

Each year, every student brings a flower for each of their teachers into school on Teacher Appreciation Day. Parent volunteers then assemble bouquets for the teachers incorporating all of the blooms his or her students brought in. As you can imagine, the blooms are as different as the kids. The bouquets are as unique as the classes’ personalities. I’d wager that the teachers even know which flower was selected by each individual child… (Some kids see a dandelion; others see a wish waiting to be wished).

Gratitude can be that simple. And that perfect.

So spend a little time this weekend with your child writing a note to Mrs. So-and-So who offers to come in early for extra math practice when your child struggles, soothes a few fears before big school presentations, and greets your kiddo with an ear-to-ear grin each school morning. Pick a bouquet of flowers. Put together a collection of seeds for him or her to plant in their garden. Bake some cookies. Grab a coffee gift card at the grocery store check out and have your child create a card.

It doesn’t need to be Pinterest-pefect. Just thankful-perfect.