When was the last time you truly had an opportunity to unwind with the girls?

Heading out with friends means booking a sitter, coordinating kid meals, finding something to wear… and entertaining friends at home? Cooking, planning, prepping, cleaning, then cleaning up… the idea might just induce a Netflix and ice cream binge. But don’t fret. We’ve got a plan that will make your next girls’ get together fun and easy!No Stress Guide to Girl's Night In - (cool) progeny

the no-stress guide to girl’s night in

Step One: Find a Weeknight
We know, we know. WHEN?!? But do it. You can’t have fun with the girls if you don’t get it on the calendar. Find a night when your significant other can tackle kid duty and then write the date in pen in your planner. Just 6 PM – 8 PM. Then everyone home for last minute bedtime stories. Quick group text. Mission accomplished.GNI-Eddies.002

Step Two: Don’t Cook
Bet you weren’t expecting that, were you? Don’t cook. Instead, check out Eddie’s of Roland Park’s catering menu online (Yes! They do small gatherings!), pick out a few convo-worthy apps, and place your order. We put together a delicious mediterranean-style spread that had the whole gang digging in for seconds. (Still dreaming about their Chicken Pignoli Meatballs and fresh artichoke dip…) Feeling like your Martha-tendencies won’t be satisfied with a pre-made spread? Cook one or two dishes and fill in the rest with Eddie’s fare. It’s a middle of the week gab fest. The key to having fun? Being realistic about what you can accomplish without stressing out! Be sure to order 48 hours in advance.No Stress Guide to Girl's Night In - (cool) progeny

Step Three: Don’t Forget the Drinks
Sure, you can offer a full-scale bar. But the easier (and more fun!) idea is whipping up a single delicious cocktail for guests like the amazing recipe below. It helps that Eddie’s has a fine selection of wines and liquors right in the store, right?No Stress Guide to Girl's Night In - (cool) progeny

Step Four: Decor Made Simple
The best thing about a sips and apps get-together? The food is the star of the show. Accent dishes with small arrangements of spring flowers and greens. Use whatever small jars and vases you have — or even just attach to your platters.

Kir Royale
A delicious cocktail for your next girl's night!
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  1. 4 oz Schramsberg Mirabelle Brut
  2. 1 tsp. Pierre-Marie Chermette Crème de Cassis
  1. Place the Crème de Cassis in the bottom of a champagne flute.
  2. Top with sparkling wine.
(cool) progeny https://coolprogeny.com/

(cool) tip: enlist eddie’s!

Want to make your next get together a breeze? Enlist the help of Eddie’s of Roland Park! Call them at (410) 323-3656 or check them out online or on Facebook. Many thanks for their partnership on this piece! Check out more (cool) mom style ideas in our Spring eZine.