St. James Academy Children’s Dinner Theater series is back and this time they’re clowning around with Mandy Dalton. A thirty-year veteran of classic clowning (sans face-paint), Mandy has honed her craft with the likes of Ringling Brothers, the Moscow Art Theatre School, and Cirque du Soleil. I recently caught up with her to get an insider’s glimpse of the fun to come and some insight into the lady behind the laughs.

It was the early ’80s when Mandy informed her family that she wanted to run away with the circus – essentially. As she tells the story, her parents had long known that she wanted to be a clown and they’d been supportive of that. They’d encouraged her to follow her dreams, but also requested that she work with the safety net of an education. So off she went… to Saint John’s college in Annapolis.  

Diving into the study of Western Civilization’s greatest literary works, immersing herself in different cultures, and exploring the world’s, “beautiful silliness” Mandy learned the history and foundations for this form of artistic expression. She brought back with her a deeper passion for the craft of clowning and has dedicated the last thirty years to it’s study some of the world’s most renowned companies. 

“Clowning has always been with us in one form or another. My passion is to scale it back to it’s original meaning – laughter,” Mandy tells me with an audible smile that shines even over the phone. 

Dubbed by friends as a Rag doll on Red Bull, Mandy is known for her broad visual comedy that transcends age – and epic dance party finales. Be prepared for juggling, feats of unicycle daring, cool characters, magic tricks and expert-level Hokey Pokey all set to a seriously (cool) beat. Oh, did we mention it all culminates is an epic dance party? Be sure to bring along those ninja Chicken Dance skills, brush up on your old school Hip hop moves and be ready for clowning around with Mandy Dalton.

the details

Show takes place Friday, April 8th!

Dinner is served in Macdonald Hall at 5:30 PM- $6 per guest

Performance start at 6:15 PM in the Susan Tucker Moore Theatre – $6 per guest

BONUS, kids under two are free and the maximum cost per family is $48

Visit the St. James Academy website to purchase your tickets!


3100 Monkton Rd
Monkton, MD 21111
(410) 771-4816


We’re giving away two family four packs of tickets to dinner and the show! Enter before 11:59 PM on April 5th! We’ll notify the winner via email on April 6th!

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Image from Mandy Dalton’s website. Photography by Violetta Markelou Photography.