Does your young child chant, sing or dance at every opportunity?  Does he or she keep time with a fork on the dinner table to the music playing in your home or tap his or her foot against the back of your seat in the car to the beat of the music playing as you drive together?  Does your child remember lyrics to all kinds of songs and sing those songs independently just because it’s fun?  Does he or she try to figure out familiar tunes by ear on the family piano?  

You might just have a music lover. And the time to foster that love? NOW!

Please don’t wait, as this is exactly when parents can start to foster a child’s love and affinity for music in ways that can be life changing and last a lifetime!  Introducing your child to an age appropriate musical activity can begin to reveal talents, boost confidence and foster cognitive and kinesthetic connections for musical learning as well as for development in other disciplines, in remarkable ways.

Check your local library, preschool, online sources, or house of worship to research programs designed for young toddlers.  Consider taking your elementary school aged child to a live musical performance.  Performances by local children’s choirs, youth orchestras, and children’s theater companies are far more vibrant and make a more lasting impression than what can be viewed on a screen.  Enroll your child in an extracurricular music class to supplement his or her school music experience.  Allow your child to try out for a community based children’s choir, where children who share a love of singing welcome and support one another as they embark on the challenges, joys and intrinsic rewards of being part of a choir together.  Permit your child to enroll in lessons to learn to play a musical instrument.

Older children will surely appreciate full length performances by professional adult ensembles in our area.

By giving your child the gift of meaningful musical experiences and a top quality music education, you can expect him or her to develop in a variety of profound ways.  You will witness the development of depth of musical understanding, both in terms of artistry and theoretical understanding.   You will observe intellectual and emotional growth beyond expectation and new found confidence and self-reliance. In your child, you will perceive a capacity for empathy and compassion, and an ability to collaborate in meaningful ways with others.  Most of all, participation in music brings great joy to the musicians and audiences alike!  So, make a joyful noise and celebrate Music in our Schools Month in March by investigating more music for your child, either at school or in your community for this summer or next fall!