Enthusiastic. Optimistic. Perfectionist.

While some fourteen-year-olds chat about their career aspirations when you ask them who they want to be when they grow up, Maddie has a much more philosophical goal:

“I hope that I am an adult that changes the life of someone else.”

Many Sides of Me: Maddie - (cool) progenyMany Sides of Me: Maddie - (cool) progeny The Harford County teen is always on her toes. Her hobbies are dance, dance, and more dance. You’ll find her in the studio most days of the week, or practicing at home. Perseverance is key, especially when she’s taking on the task of learning more advanced dance steps and perfecting technique. She takes that same determination into the classroom, too. 

“My dance teacher Ms. Emily has made all of her dreams come true, and I hope to, too,” said Maddie.

She’s apprehensive about starting high school next year, doesn’t like chocolate, devours Sarah Dessen books, and kicks back watching Pretty Little Liars. Her favorite places to hang out? Friends’ houses or Legends of the Fog (around Halloween).

Many Sides of Me: Maddie - (cool) progeny

While pointe shoes might be her statement accessory in the studio, her everyday style is a bit more boho-trendy. Her style statement piece? A scarf.

“Scarves work with SO many outfits. My go-to is a plain colored shirt with leggings, boots, and a scarf!”

On Maddie: Ballet Look: Terez leggings, Suzette cami, Stoopher graphic tank. Dressy Look: Elisa B party dress, Mayoral moto jacket. All available at Wee Chic Boutique at Green Spring Station.


many sides of me: because being a girl is (cool)
photo credit: Kakki Morrison
styling/art direction: Bridget Stickline, Heather Walsh
clothing: Wee Chic Boutique
hair design: Jessica Moog