Growing up, Easter egg dying was a big thing in our house. Glitter, tie dye, the double dip, crayon resisting… we did it all. I was lucky to grow up as one of 10 grandchildren fairly close in age, so we always had a huge Easter Egg hunt on Easter Sunday at my grandparent’s farm. Often we would blow out the eggs before decorating so they lasted. Who wanted to create a masterpiece that could only hang around a few days?

But our little guy has an egg allergy. Needless to say the tradition has shifted a bit. Luckily, I can buy crafting eggs that are dyeable and also make great bases for these fun confetti eggs. No egg mess at all! 

All you need is a little tissue paper, mod podge, and glitter. This craft is NOT for glitterphobics. It gets everywhere. But it’s so darn pretty.

A really great way to spend the afternoon! Makes a fun little centerpiece if you put them all in a bowl or you could even use them for dinner/brunch place cards.

diy confetti easter eggs - (cool) progeny

diy confetti easter eggs


Eggs (either blown out or crafting eggs)
Several colors of tissue paper
A foam brush

diy confetti easter eggs - (cool) progeny


Cut your tissue paper into small pieces. They definitely don’t have to be uniform. I find making small squares is fastest because you can cut a bunch of strips and then cut smaller squares from it.

Using the mod podge and foam brush, add pieces of tissue paper to the egg. Overlap them and make sure to cover both sides of the tissue paper with the mod podge. Use the brush to smooth.

diy confetti easter eggs - (cool) progeny

Once the egg is covered, add glitter. Allow to dry.

Voila! Beautiful eggs you can enjoy year after year.