A few things floating around the internet this week — curated with Baltimore moms in mind!

In Case You Missed It - March 5th

in case you missed it

What’s an ideal place to set-up art space in your home? According to this Wash Post article, it really depends on the family, the kids, their ages, and their personalities. Mompreneur Megan Shilling – whose business The Art Pantry helps parents design mini art studios for their kids in their homes- shares tips.

After separate fires, two local non-profits are looking for help.

What do these campers do after a full day of camp? They turn on the radio — and listen to the game. Maybe we all need a little nostalgia in our lives?

Did you make a pledge to ban the r-word? Here’s why you should (and talk to your kids about it, too).

 Have your kids been bugging you to see it as much as ours have?? 8 Things parents should know about Zootopia… courtesy of GeekDad. 

Want to kick-up your St. Patty’s Day menu? Two local bakeries are sharing recipes on BaltimoreMagazine.com.

Can you really ‘unwind’ during a Together With Toddler session? Baltimore Style investigated

Breakfast salad. Yay or nay?

Cupcakes and Cashmere just launched a nail polish collaboration with Formula X (available at Sephora). One of the shades is called Latte Run. Tres appropriate for moms, right?