4 years ago, when Elizabeth Mount thought about ordering a cup of coffee, I’m pretty sure she wasn’t envisioning sipping a java in a room of parents and children.

Fast forward to 2016, as the new Executive Director of the Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance (DBFA), parents, kids, and coffee is exactly the blend she’s mixing.

DBFA provides the Baltimore family community with information to access quality educational opportunities and vibrant cultural experiences, advocate for excellent public resources, and connect communities throughout the city. So when Elizabeth was thinking of ways to engage city parents, she realized they needed a welcoming place to integrate all these elements.

Community Blend was born.

What is it? A Baltimore community space — designed just for families. A place where a mother with a baby can get out of her house and rejuvenate her sleep deprivation with a FREE (yes, FREE!) cup of coffee– all without the stress of wondering if her baby will start crying. A mom can nurse and not feel shamed. A dad can bring his laptop and work from home while his toddler is interacting with other local children in the playroom. You can be a parent AND an adult and relax…a little.

So where did the space name — Community Blend — come from?

“I was thinking of ways to tie coffee with the idea of the community coming together together, and was thinking about blends of coffee — Christmas blend, etc — and thought {the idea} captured the idea well,” said Elizabeth.

Baltimore Community Blend - (cool) progenyFormally the coffee shop Cafe Tesfa, Community Blend has taken over, done some renovations and designed it to fit any parent’s lifestyle. Community Blend is located off Washington Blvd, centrally located to all the Baltimore neighborhoods. They offer free coffee (said that already, I know. But in case you missed it — FREE coffee!) or tea, a workspace, and a playroom for children. They plan to host Monday playdates, workshops, and events as well.

(A little birdie also told me that Sweet Green will be setting up a frozen yogurt machine. I think I found my new “work from home” spot..).

This is all FREE to DBFA members and open to the public. They suggest a $5 donation for the use, caffeine and play space — which is less than a large, I mean grande, cup of whip cream and espresso.

Check out Community Blend at their Open House THIS Thursday, February 4th, from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. Children are welcome and they will be serving light refreshments.

To register and for more information, please visit BaltimoreFamilies.org.

Community Blend

625 Washington Blvd.
Baltimore MD 21230
Hours: Open Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


Images provided by Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance.