Kacey Stafford has been making art as long as she can remember. Founder/artist behind Found Studio, this Hamilton mom of two is known for her mixed media paintings that incorporate ‘found’ materials — hence her studio name. You’ve probably seen her designs at Becket Hitch, Trohv, Pile of Craft… I’ve been a long time Kacey fan even before I met her. I have had one of her prints hanging over my desk for years. Quite appropriately it says “Breathe.”

Here’s a peek at the ‘adult’ heart art Kacey made — just in time for Valentine’s Day! (Who needs chocolate when you have real art? You can order from her Etsy shop!)

found heart art - (cool) progeny

What you may not know about Kacey is that that she’s also a former art teacher! When we were brainstorming Valentine’s Day craft ideas, I reached out to her to see if she might be willing to come over to the studio and play one morning.

The result? Some beautifully-crafted kid-made hearts, perfect for valentine’s day gifting!

art hearts with found studio


  • pink or red cardstock
  • washable paints
  • glue
  • paintbrushes
  • fabric scraps
  • paintbrushes
  • qtips
  • frame


Cut a variety of hearts out of pink and red cardstock. Older kids could cut these themselves! Make sure the heart fits the frame you’re using for the end product.

found heart art - (cool) progeny

Set out red and pink washable paints and brushes. Let the kids go to down painting their hearts.

found heart art - (cool) progeny

found heart art - (cool) progeny

Let the hearts dry. If you want to speed up the process, a hair dryer will help!

found heart art - (cool) progenyCut fabric and ribbon scraps and put in a pile for easy sorting/grabbing. Give the kids glue (glue on qtips works well!)

found heart art - (cool) progenyfound heart art - (cool) progenyfound heart art - (cool) progeny

Time for buttons! Have the kiddos add buttons to their design. Remember to use buttons that have a flat side for easier gluing. 

found heart art - (cool) progeny

Finished product! Aren’t they gorgeous?

found heart art - (cool) progeny

Frame and gift!

found heart art - (cool) progeny

(Mine is sitting on my desk! Love it!)