It’s always a treat to take a mini-escape from the kiddos and get away for a few hours of one-on-one time with your partner-in-parenting-crime. But it’s so easy to get lost in the logistics of date night (sitter, emergency numbers, back-up sitter, food for the kids, did you get cash for the sitter?), that the actual date night goes into ‘default’ mode. Maybe you planned and made a reservation. Maybe you hopped in the car and played a few rounds of ‘where should we go to dinner’ roulette. Maybe you just ended up napping in said car without making it to your intended destination.

So here are a few cures for the common ‘restaurant reservation standby’ date night to try this winter.

winter date night ideas

Opera Night at Sotto Sopra
It’s not just dinner — it’s dinner AND an amazing concert. {Side note, Patrick and I met while we were both studying abroad in Italy, so I have a affinity for all-things Italian culture}.  Enjoy operatic vocal stylings while eating a fantastic five-course Italian meal in Sotto Sopra’s intimate Mt. Vernon rowhouse.  The next Opera Night is Sunday, but they hold them frequently. Check their Facebook page for upcoming dates. 

Make it a Museum Night
Visiting a museum sans kids is a much different experience… so book a sitter and tour the galleries! The Walters Art Museum (always free!) is open late on Thursday evenings. Wander the galleries, grab a regional beer or California wine (just $5) and unwind. 

Learn to Cook
The couple that cooks together… gets to split weeknight dinner duties, right? Head to The Corner Pantry or Schola for one of their cooking classes. And if it turns out neither one of you has an inner Julia Child, you can laugh about your pinterest-fail over a botle of wine when you get home.

The only time striking out on date night is (cool) — when you’re bowling! Go for the Duckpins at Patterson Bowling Center. Take goofie selfies in the shoes. Oh, did we mention Patterson Bowling is BYOB? (Wine and beer only… so grab your fav bottle on the way!).

Fantasy Sports Night In
Perfect for one of those evenings you send the kids to Grandma’s house… instead of Netflixing, try out a daily Fantasy Sports website like FanDuel (you know — the one with the commercials you  catch when you’re up at 3 am with a sick kiddo), bet $5, and take on your sweetie. Make a batch of nachos or chili, grab your favorite beverage and chat strategy. A brief foray into the Fantasy Sports world you hear about at breakfast every morning. (That doesn’t happen in your house?)! Might want to jump on this one while the sites are still in operation



Photograph courtesy of Schola’s Facebook Page.