A few weeks ago, I took my two littlest kids to Story Time at Wee Chic with St. Paul’s Plus. If you haven’t put this free story time on your rotation, you definitely should! Each Friday morning at 9:30 AM, Wee Chic partners with St. Paul’s Plus or Greenspring Montessori to provide a 30 minute educational experience that includes stories, songs, finger plays, crafts and — on that particular day — sensory fun!

Miss Sarah, who leads story time on behalf of St. Paul’s Plus, has more than 20 years of early childhood education and an arsenal of creative ideas! On the day that we went, the stories and activities all centered around the ideas of snow. Freeze dance. Snowballs (er, cotton ball) throwing. Contact paper snow scenes and, my favorite toddler-friendly idea, playing with a sensory snowman. (If you search Pinterest, you’ll find it under ‘snowman in a bag.’) 

(cool) kid activity: sensory snowman in a bag - (cool) progeny

It’s less of a craft and more of a keep ’em busy activity. One of those great things to pull out on a snowy day or while you’re trying to get dinner on the table.

… and super easy to make!

Be sure to check out Story Time at Wee Chic for more fun kid ideas! RSVP is suggested. If you love this idea, then you’ll love the event we’re planning with St. Paul’s Plus later this spring… stay tuned for play date info!

(cool) kid activity: sensory snowman in a bag - (cool) progeny

sensory snowman in a bag

what you need

  • gallon plastic bag
  • clear shipping tape
  • foam sheets (black, orange, red)
  • dollar store hair gel
  • large glitter
  • black felt
  • glue (I used spray adhesive)

(cool) kid activity: sensory snowman in a bag - (cool) progenyhow to assemble

Cut circles for eyes and the mouth out of the red and black foam sheets. Cut a triangle for a carrot nose.

Cut a hat out of the black felt (the same shape twice so you have a front and a back).

Place the hair gel, mouth, eyes, and nose shapes in the bag. Sprinkle in a few heaps of glitter.

Seal the top of the bag with shipping tape. Double tape the sides.

Glue the hat on top. Spray adhesive glue was quick and easy — because I had two kiddos ready to play!