Everyone’s newsfeed is buzzing — SNOWPOCALYPSE16 is coming. Hopefully, you’ve grabbed the OJ, eggs, and milk (we keep seeing pics of crazy lines and empty shelves at area stores…). The best offensive is a good defense, right? So rather than comb the trending headlines for this week’s In Case You Missed it, we rounded up ideas for making the most of your forecasted snowed-in adventure.

In Case You Missed It - Snowpocalypse Version - (cool) progeny

in case you missed it — the snowpocalypse16 version

Bookmark it now! Here are the best sledding hills in Baltimore, according to Baltimore Magazine. (Have you tried Suicide Hill by Baltimore Country Club?)

The polar bears at the San Diego Zoo were surprised with a snow day! Think we’ll all be this happy to see snow on Friday? Your kids will love this video…

A few years ago, Kory from Twist Photography shared some fabulous tips for taking photos of your kids in the snow. Great time to get that DSLR you got for Christmas out of the box!

Snow day waffles. Hello, deliciousness. Enough said.

Speaking of snow day survival food, The Kitchn has a great list of snowy weekend survival cocktails (just saying).

Really great snow day books — you can swing by The Ivy Bookshop to pick them up or can probably still get in an Amazon delivery…

An oldie but a goodie: 20 activities to do with kids in a snowstorm. Lots of fun ideas!

… and if you’re not sure what to play, rock-out to this kid-friendly snow day playlist.

Need a post-snow-play idea? Pop some popcorn, snuggle with the kids under a blanket and start working your way through Time Out’s 50 Best Kids Movies.