Baltimore is taking center stage in NBC’s latest live musical production. One dad is on a mission to make sure all public men’s restrooms have changing tables. The (cool)est Valentine’s Day gift ever.  A new study that looks at children’s brains… on reading. 100 things every Marylander should do and MORE! This week’s headlines, curated with Baltimore moms in mind.

in case you missed it - january 13th; this week's headlines curated with Baltimore moms in mind! - (cool) progeny

in case you missed it

The Baltimore Sun put together a list of 100 things every Marylander should do once. Checking out the Baltimore Farmer’s Market, picnicking at Ladew Gardens, ice skating at the Inner Harbor… how many things have you done?

We live crazy, sometimes overscheduled lives. So I love the reminders in this list. 30 little things that mean the world to our kids  — like letting your preschooler wear her superhero getup to the grocery store. (Who really cares, right?)  And printing at least a few photos. Because kids love to look at photobooks.

This is your kid’s brain on reading – – literally! A new study looks at children’s’ brain activity as they listen to a pre-recorded story. These brain scans could help distinguish between differences in the left-sided brain network identified in the current study, which would suggest that the child needs more exposure to books, or in other regions that could be associated with other reading difficulties, such as dyslexia.

Start planning the girls night in NOW! The Friends cast is reuniting for a 2-hour special called The One Where They Were All Together Again.  It’s not exactly what you’re thinking (or were hoping for), but it’s still good.

Good morning, Baltimore! NBC’s next live musical is a hometown celebration. With hon hair, of course.

This dad is making it his mission to get a changing table in all men’s public restrooms

Hands down my absolute favorite Valentine’s Day gift! Framebridge has brought back the Heartstagram! (Order by February 7th for V-Day delivery).

Baltimore County Restaurant Week starts Friday! Have you made your reservations?

Grammy-nominated Morgan Taylor from Gustafer Yellowgold performed for the littles at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital last weekend. Stay tuned for our kid-music grammy preview next week!