The idea came to them over a bottle of wine at The Charleston. She was out to dinner with her husband and they were talking about their next adventure.

“I knew I loved baking, but I didn’t want to own a bakery,” she said.

Just how would a bakery subscription box service work? They left dinner not entirely sure of the process. But they did have a name.

Their new business would be called Happiest Little Baker.

coffee with lindsey maurath, happiest little baker

Happiest Little Baker (HLB) is a monthly baking kit subscription box founded by Baltimore parents Lindsey and Michael Maurath. The entrepreneurial husband and wife team loves baking with their two littles (ages 5 and 4), and decided to create a product line that would help parents do exactly that: get in the kitchen with their kids. 

Each box contains a complete baking activity — including a recipe, non-refrigerated ingredients, and even an activity card to keep the kiddos occupied while their creation cooks in the oven. (Shhh… don’t tell the kids they’re learning!) Since HLB doesn’t ship things cold, customers have to provide ingredients like butter and eggs. But the recipes generally only require them to provide things you already have in the fridge. Customers have the option of purchasing a monthly subscription or purchasing single, specialty boxes from HLB’s online store.

“The recipes are inspired by my grandma’s recipes,” said Lindsey over lattes at Stone Mill Bakery. She takes it with skim milk. Although had we met for a drink, she would have ordered a vodka soda. 

“Or an old-school cosmo. But it has to be really good,” she grinned. (By the way, her favorite place to grab cocktails is Wit & Wisdom. Ah, I knew I was going to like Lindsey! I had an inkling because her twitter profile reads “I bake and train for balance. Well, kinda.”)

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It’s wasn’t just her grandma’s chocolate chip cookies that jumpstarted HLB. Lindsey and Mike were inspired their their own frustrations  trying to manage their daughter’s food allergies to create an allergy free line of baking kits for kids.

“She was two when she was diagnosed and it was so hard to explain to a toddler why she couldn’t eat something,” said Lindsey. “I couldn’t imagine what it would be like for school-age kids to have to turn something down. We wanted to offer something where no one had to worry.” The kids or the parents.

The allergy-free kits contain the same activity as the regular line but are modified to be gluten, nuts, and dairy free. For example, February’s baking kit activity is heart-shaped brownies. The allergy-free kit will contain vegan chocolate chips and allergy-free sprinkles.

Lindsey’s days start early. She’s up by 4 AM to get a work out in before showering and getting her workday going by 6:30 am. As a start-up (Happiest Little Baker just launched last October), her days are unpredictable and can be a wee but chaotic. They involve juggling work, conference calls, recipe testing, kid activities, and all of the things that come with owning a business while raising young kids. The one thing that’s fairly constant? The whole family usually ends up piled together on the couch in the family room after dinner. And after putting the kiddos to bed and catching a bit of tv herself, Lindsey usually falls asleep on the same couch before waking up at 9:30 PM and putting herself to bed.

(I laughed a bit when she mentioned this because one, I love that she was honest; and two, I can absolutely relate to that!)

It’s no surprise that Lindsey and Mike are self-proclaimed foodies. They love cooking homemade pizza with the kids on Friday nights — the kids are straight-up cheese lovers, but won’t pick off a little spinach if they sneak it in. Mike is an all-meat-all-the-time guy. Lindsay likes to skip the mozzarella and pile on a really good ricotta with sautéed peppers and bacon.

“If there’s bacon in the house, it goes on the pizza!” said Lindsey.

They may love spending time in the kitchen, but they definitely aren’t homebodies. The whole family loves getting out and about on the weekend. A favorite family outing? Getting VIP/reserve tickets at Cinemark in Towson and seeing a movie (Lindsey swears they’re worth the splurge!) or grabbing dinner at Fazzini’s Taverna

So what is she up to next? Besides taking HLB to the next level (she shared some possibilities but we’re sworn to secrecy. When these super cool plans happen, you better believe we’ll share!), she’s working on perfecting her cake decorating skills and Swiss butter cream recipe. She loves cream cheese frosting but is experimenting with the Swiss variety because — and I quote — “It’s not as sugary as American buttercream and is SOOO smooth.”

Gotta love someone who gets that excited about frosting! Hopefully she’ll share when it’s perfected… Or maybe her pizza dough recipe? I for one would love to try it.

PS – Love her vest? I know — me, too! It’s from Nordstrom’s. (Because you were dying to know, right?)


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