Many of you know that Patrick and I started the Little Lion Challenge a few months after we brought the Little Lion Man home from the hospital in 2013. LLM was born with a rare birth defect that required 111 days in a neonatal intensive care unit, several surgeries, a tracheostomy, and a feeding tube. During that time, it was the little roars — small progresses he made each day and the small acts of kindness — that made all the difference to our family. As a way of saying thanks to all of those who helped us, we established the Little Lion Challenge. 

Our first Little Lion Challenge Day took place in 2014. What is it? Really, it’s a pay it forward day. We ‘make a little roar’ by surprising different organizations and families with acts of kindness each February 11th (our Little Guy’s birthday). Can’t believe that this year he’ll be 3!

30 Days of Kindness Calendar - #LittleLionChallenge - (cool) progeny

30 Days of Kindness

We are just 30 Days away from Little Lion Challenge Day… so we’re counting down with 30 Days of Kindness! Grab the kiddos, your family members, and friends and join us!

It’s easy to participate. Beginning January 13th,  we’ll post one idea for performing an act of kindness each day. Participate and show the world your act of kindness by posting it to social media with the hashtag #LittleLionChallenge. Start getting pumped about doing good!

Do one. Do 30. It’s up to you!

Then help us spread the Little Lion Challenge love on February 11th. How can you make the world a kinder place? Take action on the 11th! It can be as simple as buying someone a cup of coffee or as big as hosting a new book drive for a local pediatric hospital. Just be sure to share your good deed on social media and hashtag it #LittleLionChallenge!


Participate in Little Lion Challenge Day

On February 11th, we’re asking Baltimore (and everywhere else!) to make a ROAR. Your act of kindness could be as simple as buying a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line at the coffee shop, surprising the teaching staff at your child’s school with muffins, volunteering for an hour at a soup kitchen, making valentines for a local nursing home… the possibilities are endless.

How to Participate:

  1. Brainstorm your act of kindness. Take inspiration from our 30 Days of Kindness, check out 100 Ways to Rock the Little Lion Challenge, look at what we did last year, talk to your friends… any act of kindness will do. 
  2. Register your project or good deed. Tell us what you’re doing!
  3. On February 11th — make a ROAR! Post your good deed to any of your social media channels and hashtag is #littlelionchallenge.
  4. Enjoy the best kind of heart therapy there is — or the ‘warm fuzzies,’ as the Bug calls them.

Are you a Business that wants to participate in #LittleLionChallenge Day?

Fantastic! We are always looking for partners to help with our Little Lion Challenge Day surprises. Send us an email at hello AT and let us know you’re interested! For 2016, we’re looking for monetary donations to help put together care packages for families with children in ICU, product donations for the care packages, and businesses that want to provide services to families who have children with complex medical needs. But your business can do ANY kind deed! Just register your project/idea and we’ll help get the word out about what you’re doing!