I remember watching a former popular family show where the father wears all the children’s past gifts (…well before Joey Tribianni did lunges in all of Chandler Bing’s clothes). They laugh at all the absurd items, making them realize they should be more thoughtful.

As mothers, parents, siblings, and friends… we have ALL received something hilarious, something hideous, or something that frankly pissed us off.  Those gifts that make you stifle (maybe) a “What the what!?!?” Like when my husband stuffed my stocking with cooking utensils he ruined on a camping trip. When I gave him the stink eye, he said “what? we needed them.” Apparently our grocery list doubled as Christmas gift list.

Maybe we all need to be more thoughtful. Or maybe we all need to lighten up. Either way, here are some funny gifts Charm City moms have received… and lived to laugh about them. {We have it on good authority that the gift givers survived as well… although to the husband who bought his wife a vacuum cleaner for Christmas AND Valentine’s Day in the same year… hmmm….}

LQ: My son used to go to my mom’s house and pick little knick-knacks from her house and wrap them up for me… like this {imagine a bedazzled tiger}. I have to keep it on my dresser… he still looks for it.

EL: My daughter gave me a color Xerox of her blankey for Hanukah one year. I framed it and it hangs in my kitchen

TI: My husband got me a plant the first Mother’s Day after I had my daughter and I was totally in the weeds. I cried, threw it at him, and said “how dare you get me one more thing I have to keep alive!”

BB: My husband lets the kids loose in the Dollar Spot at Target for my gifts. I once got a lint roller.

LM: Bag of rocks from my son.

EP: Beer glasses … because  “we like to drink beer.”

SD: A hot pink ski hat completely covered in sequins. Every time I would get them bundled up — for the rest of that winter — one child or the other would bring me the “special” hat to wear.

DB: My children appreciate my love for cheese. One birthday a few years ago, they woke me up with my birthday gift in hand. It was a manhandled, slightly hairy, gift wrapped slice of muenster cheese. Yes, I ate it.

KO: “As Seen from TV” Microwave Potato Pocket cooker. LAME. He also got me a Twilight calendar, which was pretty funny because I was in denial of liking it. He has a hard time getting me inexpensive nice gifts. It’s either an iPhone or a Deep Forest Music CD.

ML: A vacuum cleaner…and then another one for Valentines Day. At least they were Dysons.

LC: I keep getting drink related presents…glasses, mixers, wine…..hmmm

AB: A banana hanger. (I’m allergic to bananas).

Hope you all receive something/someone you love. But sometimes, the funniest gifts are the ones with the best stories! 

-Jen, Proud owner of a new spatula, wooden spoon and whisk!