Tis the season for the making of memories and… cookies! Our family holiday traditions have always included a full day of baking and decorating cookies. Like most things we do, this too has a soundtrack all its own. We’ll call it the, Rockin’ Around the Kitchen: Cookie Decorating Playlist. 

My name is Kaytie, I’m Lara’s oldest daughter. Emily, my younger sister and I are in making the frosting, cutting the dough, and spinning the tunes this year. She and I may have had more fun building this playlist than we did decorating the cookies. Of course there isn’t any cleanup involved in picking music, so that is a bonus.

The funny thing about listening to music while you’re doing something is how fast the task can fly by. Emily dances around the kitchen getting in the way, but somehow that is fun. Mom sings off key; it is bad. Peter obsesses about the perfect placement of candy ornaments on the two Christmas Tree cookies he decorates out of eight dozen. But singing along with Wizard makes it all work.

If you think kids are crazy these days, go see if you can find the video of Wizard performing their song from the playlist on the BBC back in the 70s. Seriously, what were they thinking?!

dj notes from emily

The song Marshmallow World is annoying in all those TV ads, but I like this version of it. Plus if you are decorating your cookies with marshmallows it is sort of funny. I picked the song by Wham! even though my mom says they were the most over-rated pop band of the 80s, because I like that he gave his heart as a gift. My most favorite song on the list is Run Rudolph. If you ever watched Home Alone you’ll know why. Merry Christmas!

rockin’ around the kitchen: cookie decorating playlist