If your family had their own soundtrack, what would it be? In our house it’d have to be a mix of grove and silly, meaningful lyrics and get-up-and-dance jams. One of the things I love most about the unique ‘little turkeys’ I’ve the privilege of raising, is that they love music in almost any form.

Every gathering under our roof has it’s own playlist packed with everything from crazy kids’ tunes to classical. Our teen daughter is a huge Fleetwood Mac fan {pause for proud mom moment.} This Thanksgiving, we’ll all be thankful for good friends, great food and serious some seriously (cool) tunes to set it all off. Our hand-picked thankfully (cool) playlist includes some family favorites contributed by everyone at Casa DiPaola.

Get up and shake off that extra dollop of whipped cream by busting a move. Grab dad and take a twirl across the kitchen floor. Indulge in all your favorite things, family, friend and FUN above all.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

thankfully (cool) thanksgiving playlist