Did you see our fall Many Sides of Me Campaign? Personally, I was absolutely thrilled with how the collaboration turned out — due in large part to the wonderful photographer we had on our team. Today, I’d like to introduce you to the creative woman behind the lens, Kakki Morrison. It was such a pleasure to work with her on the project and an even greater treat to spend an hour chatting over coffee to learn about how she got into photography, what inspires here, and what’s next.

coffee with kakki morrison

“I was always photographing my kids,” she said one morning over a cup of coffee at Johnny’s in Roland Park. And her nieces and nephews. And  friends. And her now her grandchild. When she was working to help a friend with her floral business, she’d have a camera around to document her handiwork. She’d even get out on the field at her son’s lacrosse games and get tips from the ‘pros’ hired to photograph the games. But it wasn’t until the last year she decided to create a business around her passion.

The focus? Tweens.

“So often we take baby photos and photos of young kids… and then parents don’t get back to taking more photos until graduation,” said Baltimore mom and grandma Kakki Morrison. “The tween years can be complicated, but they are also a fun age to capture.”

Working with other photographers across the country to develop a tween photo genre, Kakki’s found an emerging niche market that’s not only untapped but ripe. Think about it. In the age of selfies, there is no better subject than a tween. But getting them to drop the false bravado or shed their shyness in front of the camera? That’s a true raw talent. Kakki has it.

Maybe it’s years of experience coaxing her own kids, maybe it’s her nurturing nature, maybe it’s her easy-going personality, dedication to getting the shot and sheer patience. My bet? All of the above. One of the things that struck me during our work together was how intentional and analytical Kakki was with every photograph she took. It’s a gift to be able to see how everything — light, color, composition — all comes together before the shutter snaps. 

Like the tweens she captures, Kakki isn’t one to sit still much. Right now she’s working on a project to document the gardens throughout the seasons at Kurt Bluemel’s nursery in Baldwin, MD. She’s traveling. Squeezing in mini-sessions for local families at a studio she works with at Clipper Mill. Taking workshops to learn more about iPhone photography. She jokes that her husband is a good sport about everything she does.

I’m always curious about what excites people, especially creative types. I wasn’t surprised that Kakki calls New York City a bit of a muse. She’s inspired by the gritty spaces that may not be beautiful at first glance — but reveal a rich tapestry of textures and stories when you step behind the camera lens. {In fact, a favorite recent memory was renting an abandoned factory space with other photographers and helping her son rekindle his love of the art.}  With her three children and grandchild residing there, her time is often divided between there and her Roland Park home.  

“It might be the perfect place to retire,” she said, talking about New York.

But we don’t see that happening any time soon…

Find more of Kakki’s work on her website and be sure to follow her instagram account!


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