easy halloween face paint ideas

Don’t worry if you’re in a last-minute halloween crunch… Shari, our favorite Baltimore face painter, came up with two ghoulishly easy face paint designs that anyone can create! Pretend you’re ‘hearing voices’ with this friendly little ghost or become a pumpkin princess with a few brush strokes (and our handy tutorial).

halloween face paint: ‘the ghost’

STEP ONE: Using a foam brush, ‘stamp’ a circle of white face paint onto the cheek.

STEP TWO: Using a brush, make two straight lines and a squiggle line to create the bottom of the ghost.

STEP THREE: Fill in your ghost!

STEP FOUR: Using black paint and a brush, create a ghost face with three small circles.

STEP FIVE: Write “Boo!” with the brush in black and add a few small dots of white.

STEP SIX:Dust with a little glitter and viola! You have a new “boo” friend!

halloween face paint: pumpkin princess

STEP ONE: Using a foam stamper, stamp two orange circles on the forehead.

STEP TWO: With green face paint and a paint brush, make two swirly vines that go from the orange center down to the cheek bone. Add a few small leaves. Don’t forget the stem of the pumpkin, too! You can’t do this part wrong!

STEP THREE: Using black face paint, create a jack-o-lantern face with three triangles and a mouth. If you’re feeling adventurous, create some ‘pumpkin curvage’ with short black lines.

STEP FOUR: Just add glitter. 😉

STEP FIVE: If you’d like to give the design a little depth, dot with white paint. Not necessary, but really fun!

STEP SIX: Orange lips. Every princess needs a little gloss, and a pumpkin princess would of course, have orange.

Love what you see?

Check out Shari’s other designs on her Facebook page, Funny Faces Face Painting with Shari K. Even better? Book her for your next party (she’s amazing!). Just be sure to tell her (cool) progeny sent you!