If you joined us at Art Outside in May, you probably had a chance to hear the talented Acacia Sears (known as Ms. Cacie to her pint-sized fans) tell us about the woes of dinosaurs, why wheelchairs are for wheelies, and that princesses are for, well, everyone.

Now the Baltimore-mom is on a mission to bring her progressive feminist songs for kids to the rest of the world — and she’s looking for some help. 10 days into her Kickstarter Campaign to produce an album of her children’s music and she’s 75% funded. 

Progressive feminist music for kids? What does that even mean? It’s not about girl power and boy bashing. It’s about leveling the playing field — er, playground.

“When I set out to do this, I wanted to write songs that made children feel included and inclusive, accepted and supported, embraced and encouraged,” said Cacie in a recent article on XOJane. “I wanted to give adults a musical toolbox to address difficult topics like consent, ableism, anxiety, non-binary gender, and where to start when the room is such a disaster that cleaning it up seems an impossible task.”
Ms. Cacie - Baltimore Mom is Bringing Progressive Feminist Music to Kids

One song that seems to be garnering a bit of internet troll attention is “Only Yes Means Yes,” which conveys the message you should ask permission before giving someone a hug and — conversely — you don’t have to hug anyone you don’t want to. As recently outlined in the Washington Post, it’s never to early to teach children about healthy consent and boundaries. No, not sex-ed for toddlers; although by teaching your children that their body belongs to them, you also empower them and set a healthy foundation for “the talk” when age-appropriate. 

In our house, all three of our kids love Princesses are For Everyone. It’s catchy and great for twirling. And speaks to every kiddo that wants to grow fairy wings while digging in the dirt. I love the underlying message: acceptance. 

It will take less than $1,500 to fund her project — and this mom, for one, wants more I-don’t-mind-if-it-gets-stuck-in-my-head-or-my-six-year-old-sings-it-1000-times songs about about why pretty isn’t everything. Check out her YouTube channel to get a feel for her super kindie vibe.

Would you like to fund Ms. Cacie’s first album. Head to Kickstarter! You’ll be able to say “I KNEW HER” when she ends up Kids Place Live. 



Image courtesy of Ms. Cacie’s Facebook Page