The most depressing thing showed up in the mail yesterday. 

The Lands’ End Back to School catalog.

Say what?!? We haven’t even made it to the beach yet.

I hate feeling like summer is being pushed along. I really love skipping the morning scramble (9 AM camp drop off seems so much more civilized than an 8:15 am drop off, doesn’t it?). I love the lingering evenings. Not wearing shoes. The lightning bug chasing. The breathing space that seems to comfortably fill voids in the day. Doesn’t matter if I’m working or home with the kids — summer is just easier.

Summer is NOT over by the way. Depending on your school calendar there are 45-60 MORE DAYS of it. Thank you very much, Lands’ End.

So now we’re on a mission to make the next 40 days AWESOME. {Because clearly I’ll need to think about back to school after then even though it’s not technically over. And the sparkly-backpack-du jour the Bug wants will probably be on backorder. But that’s another story}.Baltimore Lemon Sticks - (cool) progeny

One easy way to squeeze a little awesome into your summer day? Baltimore Lemon Sticks.

If you’re born-and-raised Baltimorean, chances are you’ve had a lemon stick. They’re an annual rite of spring at the Baltimore Flower Mart. 

It also happens to be the easiest kid-loving dessert on the planet.

You need three things to make this: A lemon. A knife. And a soft peppermint stick

There’s no real recipe here. The trickiest thing is finding the right peppermint stick (which I found on Amazon; a candy cane won’t do!). Simply cut the lemon in half. Slice an “X” into the flesh of the lemon. Insert a peppermint stick. Mush the bottom of the lemon a little with your hand to get the juices flowing. Go to town on the peppermint stick.Baltimore Lemon Sticks - (cool) progeny

Sugar-sour-sweet-minty awesomeness. Check.

Forget the lemonade stand this summer. Serve up some lemon sticks instead!

Would love to see your kids and their lemon sticks! Just post to our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram. And since we’re now on a mission to make this summer amazingly fabulous, hashtag your (cool) summer photos #coolawesomesummer. 


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