Visiting day is just around the corner… have you packed up goodies for your camper yet?

I’ll be honest. I never went to overnight camp. So rather than guess what would go in the most awesome camp care package, we went straight to the experts at some of our favorite local stores. Guaranteed to make your camper think you’re the (cool)est parent around. 

Awesome Camp Care Package Ideas - (cool) progeny

We thought about separating the ideas into girl and boys — but truthfully, that seemed a little superficial.

The biggest compliment in this whole process? The Bug is dying to go to sleep away camp next summer. JUST to get a care package. Here are 36 our favorite ideas for camp care love.

anatomy of an awesome camp care package

Awesome Camp Care Package Ideas - (cool) progeny

Flashlight: Every camper needs a flashlight! This owl light from Becket Hitch doesn’t even require a battery. It’s squeeze powered! 

Jax: Camp classic. ‘Nuff said. Available at aMuse Toys.

Bunk Game: Introducing the bunk to a new game they can play together is always a win-win for you and your camper! We think tweens and teens will love Love Letter, a game of risk and deduction. The object is to get your love letter into Princess Annette’s hands while keeping other players’ letters away. Sounds like old school texting — er, middle school note passing, no? Available at Shananigans Toy Shop. 

Mad Libs: Fun, plus you sneak some sort of reading and writing into their day. Camp Mad Libs Available at aMuse Toys and Shananigans Toy Shop.

Origami: Origami is the perfect little craft for tiny bits of down time. This particular set is the size of post-it-note and comes with a different set of instructions for each page. Too fun.

H20 Bottle: Can never go wrong with a water bottle. We love this ivivva “Cool Off” style!

Hair Ties: They’ve probably lost, shared, and recovered several hair ties between bunk mates this summer. That’s why these “friendship ties” from ivivva are aptly named and perfect for sending to camp! Because you know she’s going to give at least one to a friend.

Charm Necklace: Sure, bracelets are fun but necklaces? Just way (cool)er. Available at Wee Chic.

Cubebot: A fun little fidget for those nights when lights are out and you just can’t fall asleep. Available at Shananigans Toy Shop.

Bracelet: By now, she’s probably made a dozen friendship bracelets which is why we love this Chan Luu bracelet from the Kenya collection. All bracelets are inspired by Nairobi culture and made in Kenya as part of an effort to develop sustainable industries in underdeveloped areas. Available at Becket Hitch.

Craft: Crafts are tricky because chances are they are doing lots of crafts as part of their camp program. But Piperoids? You can’t go wrong with these guys. And all your camper will need to build a little creature is a pair of scissors. We’re guessing camp has them. Just be aware that you may get a letter asking you to send more. So your camper’s friends can create one, too. Available at Shananigans.

Tiny Game: Tiny games are great for camp because they are well — tiny! Iota literally fits in your pocket but will spread out huge across the mess hall tables. Players add cards to a grid, making sure that color, shape and number are either all the same or all different across the line. Sounds easy but as the grid expands, so do the possibilities. Whoever sees the opportunities will seize the win. Available at Shananigans Toy Shop.

Journal: Remind your camper that they’re supposed to be writing all these amazing camp experiences down. An emoji journal is perfect for that. Available at Wee Chic Boutique.

Playing Cards: And not just any playing cards. We ADORE (and I mean AAAADDDOOORRREE) the Fredericks & Mae  rainbow playing cards available at Becket Hitch! {Side note – these really need to go in any vacation tote bag. Perfect for the beach, too!}

Socks: The number one item whenever we talked camp with our experts was socks. These particular BlueQ socks say “It’s my parents’ fault.” Sounds about right. Available at Shananigans Toy Shop.

Camp Patch Card: Nothing says ‘we love you’ more than a card from mom and dad with a detachable camp patch that can go right on their bag, or sash, or vest, or whatever they put patches on these days. Available at Becket Hitch.

Nail File: Even those she’s at camp, a girl’s gotta be polished. Embellished files available at Wee Chic Boutique. 

Headband: ivivva has a fab reversible headband that’s durable and stylish. Yes, your camper needs it.

Simple Wish: We love the idea of sending your camper a wish stone or lucky penny — or this gorgeous “I love camp” wish bracelet. Available at Wee Chic Boutique.

Awesome Camp Care Package Ideas - (cool) progeny

Survival Kit: They may not be at wilderness camp but this is a compact must-have. Designed by Discovery Channel star Mykel Hawke, this mini-kit includes his handy 8-in-1 multi-tool featuring: a compass, whistle, signal mirror, waterproof match storage, magnifying glass, emergency light, thermometer, and lanyard—an invaluable commodity in survival situations when you need it the most. Read: No knife. Camp safe! Available at Shananigans Toy Shop.

Frisbee/Flying Disc: Frisbees are cool. Ones you can smash in your pocket are even (cool)er. The knit pocket disc works inside or out and can be easily jammed into an envelope for camp mailing! Available at Shananigans Toy Shop.

Camp Notes Stationery: Have a camper who isn’t known for being a wordsmith? These fun Camp Notes give them space to check the box and let you know how they’re doing. Because you know they’re having a MIND BLOWING time! Available at Shananigans Toy Shop.

Secret Message Markers and Paper: Yes, they may get into trouble with their counselors for this one. But wouldn’t that be so much fun? From Alex Toys. Available at Shananigans Toy Shop.

Hot/Cold Thermos: We’re guessing your camper isn’t toting around soup unless you sent them to high altitudes — but we love this new 9 oz S’well bottle. Keeps cold things cold for 24 hours and hot things hot for 12 hours. Available at Becket Hitch.

Bandaids: You can NEVER have enough bandaids. Big Foot ones seem camp-appropriate. Available at Shananigans Toy Shop.

Compass: Particularly helpful if your camper is still having trouble navigating their way around. Paracord Jewelry is just too darn cool for school.  Available at Shananigans Toy Shop.

Fruit and Nut Bar: Most camps are candy-free zones (and some are nut-free zones, so check the rules and regs). Fruit bars — especially those from the Unemployed Philosophers Guild — are food for thought. Your resident paleontologist will love the BAR-O-SAURUS, a delicious fruit and nut bar that comes with in a colorful packet with a timeline, a dinosaur footprint quiz, and only the finest dino trivia.  Available at Shananigans Toy Shop. (They have other types of bars, too!)

Pencil/Marker Case: To store all those pencils so they can write you those fabulously crazy letters. Ok. Just to stylishly store the pencils. Canoe Case available at Becket Hitch.

Card Game: Card Games are (cool). King’s Gold will have the whole bunk into pirate pillagers. Sounds like controlled chaos to us.  Available at Shananigans Toy Shop.

Notebook: Smaller than a journal, the comic notebook invites sketching, jotting, or a portable option for writing/holding messages to friends over the camp counselor’s head.  Available at Shananigans Toy Shop.

Magnet Fun: We don’t know why exactly, but something about magnets makes everyone oohhh and ahhh. Magna Buzz will literally create an electrifying buzz. Available at aMuse Toys.

Graphic Novels: Everyone loves a great graphic novel. And it seems more funn and less school-like than sending your high school copy of To Kill a Mockingbird for quiet time reading. (Although we LOVE that book). Dave at Shananigans Toy Shop suggests the Bone, Adventure Time, or Atomic Robo series to get your kiddo started in this genre. He’s got a fantastic collection there. Stop by and chat with him.

Watch: Hopefully they haven’t drowned their iWatch in the lake. The blink time watch is a much more economic solution AND comes with multiple faces to switch out. Available at Shananigans Toy Shop.

Putty: Remember Silly Putty? Aaron’s Thinking Putty is next gen. Multiple sizes and varieties. Available at aMuse Toys and Shananigans Toy Shop.
Awesome Camp Care Package Ideas - (cool) progeny

Hat: We’re guessing that cap you sent with your camper may have seen better days by now. Try ivivva’s fantastic Sun’s Out Hat. Stylish, great body and sweat-wicking. 

Tees and Tanks. Ok, we know. The reality is this Stoopher Camp Tee might get lost in the laundry. But it’s too much fun not to include. Available at Wee Chic Boutique.

Many thanks to Shananigans Toy Shop, Wee Chic Boutique, aMuse Toys, Becket Hitch and  ivivva Baltimore for giving us the insider scoop! Be sure to visit them and pick up your fav care package goodies.


(cool) tips: Wee Chic Boutique is hosting airbrush artist Kaliq at their store on Saturday, July 11th. A perfect time to get a tee (or those elusive socks) custom designed/airbrushed for your camper! Be sure to make an appointment. Our friends at ivivva Baltimore are hosting a Camp Care Package shop all day on July 23rd! They’ll even provide stationery for your note.