Last week, I was lucky enough to hear Sean and Leanne Tuoey speak at a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club of Metropolitan Baltimore. {Remember The Blind Side? Yeah, those Tuohys. As a side note — Sandra Bullock nailed her portrayal Leanne. I mean, whole heartedly captured her endearing quirkiness. I think we’d be friends.} Sean was jokingly lamenting the fact that his wife didn’t cook.

“Her idea of home cooked is something she picks up at the store and serves at home.”

“Well, someone cooked it. And we’re eating it at home,” Leanne quipped back.

Ain’t it the truth? Unlike Leanne, I love cooking. But the weekday grind can be exhausting — and despite my best efforts to seek out easy 20-minute meal recipes (hello, Pinterest), they all take me more like 45 to 60 minutes. If I don’t have something coming out of the oven by 6:15 PM, a terrible case of pint-sized hangry hits our house. Kindergartner/Toddler hangry? It’s never pretty.

That said, Pat and I made certain promises when we entered this whole world of parenting. Healthy, fresh meals for my kids most nights of the week is one of our non-negotiables.

The truth: I can’t do it alone. Luckily I have a few tricks up the ‘home cook dinner’ sleeve. “Dishing” is one of my favorite sanity savers.

enter to win a kitchen takeover with (cool) progeny and let's dish! #coolprogeny

Let’s Dish! provides busy families with meal kits — customized to fit your family’s needs and palate preferences. Each month, a new seasonal menu is released with tons of easy meal options (gluten free, low carb, low cal, you name it!). Simply decide which meals will score big with your family, head to one of their convenient locations (Baltimore, Columbia, or Alexandria), and assemble. They’ve got everything you need already laid out: proteins, veggies, grains, spices. No ransacking the spice cabinet for the ever-elusive Chinese Five Spice. Your meals will be freezer-ready and you’ll be sent home with easy-to-follow cooking instructions.

Don’t worry. This is NOT your Grandma’s freezer meal. Options include everything from New England-style shrimp rolls to Veggie Taco Salad and Asian Pork BBQ wraps.

Home-cooked made easy. Sanity saved.

Watch the video and find out if Let’s Dish!‘s Chili Lime Chicken with Black Bean Salsa is Bug-Approved… and how we can take over your kitchen and cook dinner for your family! 

Editor’s Note: In the video, I mention that all ingredients are fresh — which has been my experience with meals from Let’s Dish! However, after the video was completed, the kind folks from Let’s Dish! corrected me and let me know that some of their meals have pre-cooked ingredients (like pre-cooked pasta — so you can simply sauté in the skillet rather than boil it separately. Who doesn’t love THAT time-saving strategy?).

(cool) tips: dishing with let's dish! - (cool) progeny

kitchen takeover: let us cook dinner for you!

In need of a dinner break? We want to give it to you! We’ve partnered with Let’s Dish! to give one lucky reader a KITCHEN TAKEOVER this June. What does that mean? Basically, the (cool) progeny team is going to stop by Let’s Dish! and bring dinner to a lucky Baltimore-area reader and his or her family this month. Don’t worry about a thing. We’ll even do the dishes.

Should it be you? Enter our DELICIOUSLY AWESOME SWEEPSTAKES  and tell us why. You have until 11:59 PM on June 18, 2015 to enter. We’ll randomly select a winner on June 19th and bring dinner the next week.

{Don’t worry — we’re the friend you DON’T need to clean for!}

enter to win a kitchen takeover with (cool) progeny and let's dish! #coolprogeny