Well, if you asked me my favorite stops at the Baltimore Farmers’ Market I’d say Zeke’s Coffee, Blacksauce Kitchen, Woodberry Pantry, Farm to Face’s falafel, and anywhere with kale … but this isn’t about me. So, without further adieu here are the Diamond kids agreed upon Top Five favorite spots at the “market under the highway” — the Baltimore Farmers Market. – Janelle Diamond

In A Pickle. Most Sundays, breakfast consists of donuts (see below) and pickles. Yummy, crunchy, super delicious and worth the always-long-line-wait pickles. The folks that work here are always super nice to the kids. At some point they were doing pickles on a stick and then wisely switched to a pickle wrapped in a paper towel. (Milo, 8, says he sure does miss the stick that he could torment his sister with.) The Diamond kids prefer a good Kosher Dill, but the Diamond adults really like the full sours and almond stuffed olives. A proper farmers’ market morning means pickle juice running down their arms and another quart heading home. (After a slight panic attack we realized the pickle folk moved from near Zeke’s Coffee to the south side of the Market at Holiday & Saratoga.)

Migues Magnificent Mini Donuts. Migues has also moved from his very convenient spot near Zeke’s Coffee (mommy will wait in line for coffee, daddy will go get you donuts) to kind of the opposite corner of the market. Just follow the trail of powdered sugar and VERY eager kids. These perfect melt-in-your-mouth mini donuts are made to order and piping hot as they get scooped into a little white bag. Willa, 6, says her favorite thing to put on the donuts is colored sprinkles, chocolate syrup and powdered sugar. I prefer cinnamon sugar. So, the only solution is everyone gets his or her own bag.

The Curry Shack At The Market. The best thing about the market is all the different foods the Diamond kids get to try: Indian, Vietnamese, crazy-flavored hummus. One of their favorites is the West Indian pockets of yumminess. They mostly stick with the Caribbean Veggie Samosas but Zeke & Gideon, 4, have been known to occasionally nibble from our West Indian Paties (spicy turkey) and Thai Chicken Pocket with tomatoes, coconut milk, and peppers. There is usually a Moroccan Mint Iced Green Tea too but the Diamond kids really like the fresh squeezed lemonade at Neopol Smokery next door (and the smoked hummus!)

Hawks Hill Creamery. Honestly, the first time we bought a block of cheese here was mostly out of guilt for the numerous samples the Diamond kids would consume each week, but then we quickly fell in love with their rich and creamy cheese. (It’s raw milk – but aged for 60 days to kill any bad bacteria – and super tasty.) The littler Diamond kids love the young cheddar and colby, the middle Diamonds go gaga for the cheddar with garlic and dill and the older Diamonds think there is nothing better than smoked bacon with horseradish cheddar melted on a burger.

It’s really hard to pick just one more. And I certainly couldn’t talk about the market if I didn’t mention Baltimore Hoop Love and the gaggle of hoops they bring to the market each weekend. (Milo “how come I still can’t hula hoop after 8 years” Diamond won’t let us leave the market until we stop here.) And all the farm stands with familiar veggies (carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes) and crazy ones (romanesco, kohlrabi, and fiddleheads.) We don’t play favorites but end up here a lot: Gardner’s Gourmet. Milo loves the lettuces (really!) Willa is smitten with the edible flowers. And Zeke and Gideon like to touch every heirloom tomato and cauliflower they can get their hands on. Which is when we ply them with more donuts.