What a glorious time of year! Everywhere you look trees and flowers are blooming. Everything is flush and radiant, and there is so much above and below the surface to discover and appreciate.

Here are three books about spring for kids that you should definitely add to your library!

What's Blooming? Books about Spring for Kids: Flowers are Calling - (cool) progeny #coolreads

Flowers are Calling by Rita Gray is a great way to expose your children to the natural wonders around us and the beauty of pollination. Using engaging rhymes and lovely pictures, this book tells a charming story, asking us to investigate flowers using our senses. The book concludes with information about pollination, ways to learn about pollinators in our area, and how to attract them to our backyards.

What's Blooming? Books about Spring for Kids: A Seed is Sleepy - (cool) progeny #coolreads

A Seed is Sleepy by Dianna Hutts Aston won the Teachers’ Choice Award and is a poetic introduction to the world of seeds and their potential. With colorful, exquisitely drawn botanical illustrations and informative passages introduced with statements such as “A seed is fruitful” or “A seed is adventurous,” this is a fabulous book that encourages careful examination of part of the life cycle that is often overlooked

What's Blooming? Books about Spring for Kids: A Perfect Day for Digging - (cool) progeny #coolreads

A Perfect Day for Digging by Cari Best glories in the process of planting. When Nell and Norman get together one spring morning, Nell can’t wait to grab her shovel, start planting and get dirty. Norman on the other hand, would rather watch from afar, preferring to stay neat and clean. When Rusty, the dog gets into the action, things become exuberant. That is, until Nell uncovers a piece of china. Norman is suddenly intrigued and decides to join in the fun, becoming an archeologist, and of course, gets messy in the process. The joy of working with the earth makes this a wonderful spring book.

Whether you prefer to visit our local Sherwood Gardens or dig in your own patch of the earth, The Ivy Bookshop has the spring perfect book. Visit us and revel in the science and the beauty of this fleeting season. It is wondrous.