One of the things we love to do as a family is explore area farmer’s markets. We joke that Agriberry’s blueberry display was the gateway fruit for the Little Lion Man. Picking up a box of berries from the market was literally a feeding breakthrough for our little guy. He ate half a pint. 

Engaging kids in market exploration is even more fun when they carry their own tote. If you’ve followed this site long enough, you know I don’t sew. I don’t even pretend to sew. And I don’t do complicated crafts.  No matter how cute.

But I love getting creative with the kids. Hence the farmer’s market tote craft (all design, no stitches!).

This no-sew felt project allowed the Bug to engage her inner fashion designer — although it’s definitely a ‘mom and me’ project for early elementary school-aged kids. Older kids can probably tackle this solo.

A great opportunity for introducing them to the concept of ironing, too. {Added bonus?}

(cool) kid's craft: diy felt farmer's market tote - (cool) progeny

(cool) kid craft: diy felt farmer’s market tote


  • Canvas Tote Bag (you can find these at any craft store!)
  • Assortment of Felt
  • HeatnBond
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie
  • Cookie Cutters or Stencils (Optional)
  • Iron


Start by designing your bag. What felt shapes do you need? Are you going to trace something (we used cookie cutters to trace). A little preplanning goes a long way. 

(cool) kid's craft: diy felt farmer's market tote - (cool) progeny

Using your sharpie marker, draw or trace your design onto the felt. Cut out and layout on the bag to make sure it looks the way you’d like.

Iron on the HeatnBond to your felt shapes. Place the felt shape down on the ironing board and iron with the paper backing side between the iron and the felt. Be careful not to adhere the HeatnBond to your ironing board (I may or may not have done this…). It only takes a few seconds.

(cool) kid's craft: diy felt farmer's market tote - (cool) progeny

Cut shapes out. Remove the paper backing. Place on bag where you would like to adhere them. Iron the patterns on for 8 seconds.

Sport your original design at the market!


(cool) tip: This could be a great birthday party activity — just cut out the felt shapes ahead of time and let partygoers design. Have a college student or friend iron on designs as they eat cake or open presents. Doubles as a favor. I love when activities pull double duty!