As the daffodils bloom and the days get longer we know spring is in the air. Confirmation comes from the little ditty, “Mary Sue Easter Eggs, Mary Sue Easter Eggs,” Cadbury Bunny commercials, and the 32 foot pink rabbit balloon on the warehouse roof on Interstate 83. Yellow Peeps and matzo fill the grocery aisles. The holidays are upon us and there are a plethora of children’s books to peruse.

Easter and Passover Books for Kids

The Longest Night - (cool) progeny

The first Passover Seder is April 3rd and with it comes a retelling of Jew’s escape from Egypt. The holiday commemorates the Exodus and the triumph of freedom over tyranny, a struggle that is being fought even today. The Longest Night by Baltimore native, Laurel Snyder and Catia Chien is this story vividly told in verse through a child’s eyes.
Sammy Spider's First Passover - (cool) progeny

For a whimsical introduction to the holiday, try Sammy Spider’s First Passover by Sylvia A. Rouss and see the festivities from a spider’s point of view. Focused on shapes, tiny Sammy learns about the symbols and traditions including the ritual spring cleaning, the Seder plate, hiding the afikomen, and the recitation of the four questions by the youngest child. There is a Haggadah and Fun Book with activities and stickers in the series as well.
The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes  - (cool) progeny

Holidays are often nostalgic with sepia-toned tinges. Easter, observed on April 5th, is no exception. From the beautiful frilly dresses and Easter egg hunts to the traditional family meal and bountiful baskets, families gather in celebration. Classics are perfect for Easter with two choices by Goodnight Moon author Margaret Wise Brown. Her books, The Golden Egg and The Golden Bunny, embody the sweetness of the season with charming pictures and heartfelt stories and poems. The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes by DuBose Heward is a lovely selection as is The Easter Egg by Jan Brett. Each of these books will bring back memories of your childhood and will likely be passed down to grandchildren.

No matter the holiday, books make the experience richer. There is something for everyone whether you are trying to occupy fidgety hands or illuminate traditions, The Ivy Bookshop will have the perfect tome to place at the table or put in a basket.