It seems only fitting that a place in Baltimore that grows things like bananas, limons as big as your head, papayas and coconuts all year round can now be found on the moon!

Welcome to The Garden Galaxy, the Spring Flower display  at the H.P. Rawlings Conservatory & Botanic Gardens of  Baltimore, which runs from March 28-April galaxy at rawlings conservatory - (cool) progeny

Your senses will be greeted with brilliant colors and fragrances as you walk into the foyer and take your first step into outer space – a dazzling moonscape filled with lilacs and other springs blooms, including a rocketship planter.
garden galaxy at rawlings conservatory - (cool) progeny

While you continue at leisure through the rest of the Conservatory, you will see many familiar sites, but with awe inspiring touches of the things beyond our world. In the Mediterranean, Tropical, and Desert Houses, you will find breathtaking photos from the Hubble Telescope hanging on the walls. You might also find an alien friend in one of the rooms, but I won’t tell you which one! Don’t worry, he seemed friendly.
garden galaxy at rawlings conservatory - (cool) progeny

The South Pavillion has been transformed by tulips and lilacs into another magnificent spacescape, complete with what appears to be a colorful borealis. It is here where you will find the incredible mosaic artwork of Yulia Hanansen most prominently on display, though there is more interspersed throughout the building.

If you follow the path with the twinkling stars, you will find yourself in the Orchid Room. The Conservatory held workshops prior to the opening of the event where the public could come and make rocket ship planters, which were prominently on display here. Just beyond, in the Palm Room, you will find some ‘alien plants’ filled with beautifully colored brambles interspersed with the regular palms.
garden galaxy at rawlings conservatory - (cool) progeny

On a final note, for those who have been frequent visitors in the past, you’ll be happy to know that the koi pond has been restocked, so the kids can spend time gazing at the fish and keeping an eye out for that turtle!

The Conservatory has bathrooms and even a picnic area with plenty of room to run around outside (if the weather cooperates).
garden galaxy at rawlings conservatory - (cool) progeny

The Garden Galaxy

H.P. Rawlings Conservatory & Botanic Gardens
3100 Swann Drive
Druid Hill Park
Baltimore, Maryland 21217
Phone: (410) 396-0008

Hours: Closed Monday and Tuesday; Open Wednesday – Sunday from 10-4

Admission: Suggested $5/person donation