Everyone has heard the saying, April showers bring May flowers.  It can be dispiriting as we all eagerly await the blossoming trees and warm weather. But there is so much to appreciate during the month of April. Water is the essence of life and crucial to the health of our bodies and our planet. The 45th anniversary of Earth Day falls on April 22nd and is the perfect time to relish the rain.

(cool) reads: books about the rain

The picture book, All the Water in the World by George Ella Lyon and Katherine Tillotson, explains in spare rhythmic text and bright illustrations where the water that comes from our faucets originates and how important it is to respect and conserve this most precious resource. You can feel the joy as a child peeks out a window during a rain storm with the words, “Tap dance avalanche stampede of drips and drops drumming – a wealth of water” in contrast to desert areas where a child peers out of a mud hut, “Everything waits for an open gate in a wall of clouds for rain sweet and loud to fill the well and start the stream.”
(cool) books about the rain - (cool) progeny

For those who want to grab their rain boots and jump in some puddles, Blue on Blue by Dianne White and Beth Krommes is the book for you. Filled with rich and colorful woodcuts this book takes you on a journey beginning with a bright, beautiful blue-on-blue sunny day that suddenly turns gray as clouds roll in and the winds begins to blow. “Thunder! Lighting! Raging, roaring. Rain on rain on rain is pouring.” As the rain comes, frustration and boredom set in as the day progresses until finally, the weather clears, and the farm is bathed in moonlight.
(cool) books about the rain - (cool) progeny

In its 45th year, Earth Day is a call to arms to celebrate our environment and work on its preservation. So, grab some galoshes and an umbrella, take a walk in the rain, dry off and pick up a book that revels in April showers.

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