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So Awesome Wallet Cards are a must-have travel accessory for parents-in-the-go with curious kids. And while they'll keep 'em busy in the grocery store, we love that there are SO MANY other creative uses for these beautifully designed, non-toxic play cards!

Parent Friendliness
Intelligence Boosting
Fun Factor
(cool) design
Longevity + Adaptability

We love when beautiful design meets function — especially when that function cultivates open-ended play + creativity.

When that kismet happens, well, it’s just plain awesome.

Wallet Cards by SO Awesome are just that. So. Awesome.

What are wallet cards? Gorgeous educational flash cards without the flash that fit in your wallet. Because if your kids are like my kids or designer Marie-Claire Clamp’s kids, they are always playing with the cards in your wallet. What if instead of your AmEx, they pulled out a shape card? Or a number card? Or an ABC card? Something with more educational value than your pin number?

That was the inspiration for Marie-Claire, Michigan mom and graphic designer. She wanted to create something for her kids that wasn’t an old gym mystery plastic card to play with. After two successful Kickstarter campaigns, she has produced five different sets of durable, non-toxic cards (alphabet, number, colors and shapes, and GO!). Each set has an accompanying printable and education guide for parents to help inspire creative play. You can even purchase a wallet to put your cards in!

Of course, she had us at the gorgeous illustrations created by some amazing artists. Like Nomoco, whose watercolor art brings the Color + Shape cards to life. Perfectly modern with a touch of whimsy. Just how we like to define childhood.

parent friendliness. Yay for non-toxic and durability! Cards come pre-assembled on a ring that make it easy to attach to a stroller for your littlest learners or hand to a preschooler in the backseat to play with. Your pint-sized picasso may just be inspired to create art after seeing the illustrations; and we love that they easily clean up!

intelligence boosting. Well, they are at the heart of everything, flash cards. Intentionally designed for learning. But we suggest instead of drilling your kids, you use the cards as a springboard for creativity and learning.

fun factor. Our testers got very creative with the cards with almost no parental intervention. Everything from playing school, to art inspiration, to playing interior designer.

in the edventure lab: so awesome wallet cards - (cool) progeny

(cool) design. The designs are incredibly artful — from illustrations to the simplicity of holding them all together on a ring (plus they slip into your wallet). Honestly, we want all of the designs on our wall. In frames. Our friends without kids want them in their living rooms, too. They are just that (cool). Double bonus points that they are made in the USA.

in the edventure lab: so awesome wallet cards - (cool) progeny

longevity + adapatability.  If you think these cards are just for preschoolers learning shapes and colors, think again. Marie-Claire has created resources that allow the cards to grow with your child through elementary school. Helpful cards with color mixing graphics (in both RGB and CMY for you design nerds) might even help your burgeoning coder create their first video game. Our almost-six-year-old tester used them as a wallpaper deck as she pretended to be an interior designer.

in the edventure lab: so awesome wallet cards - (cool) progeny


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