They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Like when you have closets full of baby and kid gear your littles have outgrown and no where for it to go.

Hello, ShareBaby.

Created by three Baltimore friends (and moms), Sharebaby enables parents to donate used (or hey, let’s be honest, unused) baby gear and clothes to local homeless and domestic violence shelters.

Kate Mumaw, Maya Ammons, and Kristin Finkelstein want to ensure that all children in Maryland get the basics to have the best possible start in life – – and help support mothers who often times have to choose between food and diapers.

Share the baby love! All about Sharebaby -

“Can you imagine leaving the hospital and not having a stroller for your child?” asked Kate Mumaw, ShareBaby co-founder. “Many donation centers won’t take them, even perfectly good ones.”

The idea started as a lunch conversation last spring and has evolved into a passion to help — moms who need gear and moms who are looking to pass on no-longer needed items. Passion may be an understatement. You’ll find the co-founders working from their kitchens during naptime and picking up donations while their kids are in preschool.

“If you have something, we’ll find a place for it,” said Kate. Right now, that means it may be stored in her garage until they find a shelter that doesn’t have an immediate need; but they will find somewhere that needs it through their collection of shelter partners. Eventually, the group hopes to have a storage space where shelters can ‘shop.’

Share the baby love! All about Sharebaby -

What are immediate needs for shelters who support new and expectant moms? Feminine hygiene products and diapers. {Remember those huge bags of sanitary pads you left the hospital with after delivering? Yes. Those. ShareBaby will collect and make sure a new mom gets them.} Other items they are currently collecting:

  • Clothes
    All Baby/Infant/Child clothing, Sleep Sacks and Swaddlers, Shoes, Socks and New Underwear, Outerwear, Accessories, Maternity Clothes
  • Supplies
    New Toys, Books, Bottles, Formula and Baby Food, Breastfeeding Supplies, Dreft or Other Baby-Safe Laundry Detergent, Blankets and Bedding, Kids Dinnerware and Cups, Bibs, Bath and Hygiene Supplies, Diapers, Wipes
  • Furniture
    Bassinets, Pack-n-Plays, High Chairs, Floor Seats and Play Mats, Swings and Bouncy Seats, Play Pens, Safety Gates and Baby-Proofing Items, Strollers
  • Miscellaneous
    Baby Monitors, Infant Carriers, Maternity Clothes, Nursing Bra’s and Breast Pumps (new only), Infant Tubs

Kate, Maya, and Kristin know how busy parents are (they are moms themselves!). So it was critical for them to make it as easy as possible on parents who are donating. Donaors can drop off items at a ShareBaby event or host their own event. ShareBaby will make arrangements to pick-up your donations, whether you are collecting from your own basement storage stash or hosting an event. Of course, please make sure you don’t donate anything you wouldn’t give your own child. All items should be washed, clean and in a bag. Unfortunately, they cannot collect items with stains or missing/broken parts.

They may be a new non-profit, but they have big plans.

“We want to host social events and collection drives. We’re planning something big for spring collection drive — save the date for April 25th!” said Kate. “We also want to encourage individuals to host ShareBaby showers.”

A ShareBaby shower? How (cool)! Guests could bring a duplicate item to donate or for moms expecting a second or third child, it’s a great idea for a ‘sprinkle.’ Grab your gal pals and ask them to donate $10 to purchase a new gear item to donate.

So next time your child outgrows their baby carrier, grandma sends you three boxes of the wrong sized diapers, or you decide to upgrade to the next Pack ‘n play model, consider sharing the love. Give ShareBaby a shout.

You’ll make another mom’s day.


(cool) tip: Stay tuned for ShareBaby’s Diapers and Doughnuts fundraiser — coming Fall 2015!


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