It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. It is of bedtime I am speaking. The cuddling, the snuggling, the kisses are pure bliss. Then comes the calls for water, the worry of monsters and the endless pleas to be tucked in just one more time. The routines and rituals of bedtime bring out the best and worst of everyone involved. In order to make the nightly ritual a bit smoother, here are some tomes that focus on the time of day when lights are low and voices soft. Some are hilarious and some sweet, but all will ease little ones to sleep.

bedtime books for kids

For a humorous take, pick up Goodnight Already! by John Jory and Benji Davis. Duck and Bear are best friends. As winter approaches, bear is all ready for his lengthy slumber. Duck has other ideas and on page after page interrupts Bear wanting to play cards, asking for band aids and begging to bake cupcakes. Of course, as the night wears on, Duck becomes tired, falling asleep, and Bear is wide awake. It is a delightful romp.

For something a bit calmer, try Sweet Dreams by Rose A. Lewis. Painted in a lovely turquoise palate, this book told in lilting rhymes like “Good night, my precious child, May your dreams be long and sweet – And full of great adventures With the friends you’re sure to meet.” shows how different animals curl up for bed.

Hannah’s Night by Komako Sakai is a gem. It follows a little girl who wakes up in the middle of the night to find the house dark and her parents and sister asleep. Embracing her newly-found independence, Hannah gets herself a healthy snack, helps herself to her sister’s doll and paint box and occupies herself quietly playing in bed. She stares out the window as the day begins to dawn, and finding herself suddenly weary, climbs into bed and falls fast asleep.

So the next time the stars come out and you begin dreading the lengthy nighttime routine, come to The Ivy Bookshop and reach for a book that will have you rubbing your eyes, burrowing deeper into the warm blankets and drifting off to sleep.