Lindsey, a good friend of ours, has a Jamberry business. You probably have heard about Jamberry, even if you don’t know exactly what it is. Essentially, Jamberry nail wraps let you skip the polish.  Just apply their wraps!

No chipped nails. No drying time (hello, #momhack!). No harmful chemicals. Latex free. Gluten free.
Jamberry Little Lion Challenge Event - (cool) progeny #littlelionchallenge #dothejamthing

This February, Lindsey is donating her Jamberry sales commission to Little Lion Challenge. That’s right — you can have cute nails AND make a little roar!

There are over 300 styles to choose from… but I’m kind of partial to these custom Little Lion Challenge wraps she created.
Custom LIttle Lion Challenge Nail Wraps from Jamberry -- (cool) progeny #littlelionchallenge #dothejamthing

Each sheet you order comes with 18 wraps — the equivalent of 2 manicures, 2 pedicures and even accent nails. Pretty sweet deal. They even have “Jamberry Juniors” for the mini-mes in your life.

how to buy

It’s EASY to shop. Just visit the Lindsey’s Jamberry website, pick out your favorite design and select“Little Lion Challenge” event when checking out. If you’d like to order the custom wraps, email dothejamthing @ or send Lindsey a message through the Jamberry Little Lion Challenge Facebook event.

Time to do the jam thing!

Many, many thanks to Lindsey for being such a wonderful friend + little lion challenge supporter! And of course, many thanks to all of your for your purchase!


Editor’s Note: Images courtesy of the Jamberry Facebook and Pinterest pages. Will definitely post a pic of my #LittleLionChallenge mani when the wraps come in! Would love to see yours, too!