We can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful Little Lion Challenge Day was this year — and we are so grateful to all of YOU and our partners who made the day really ROAR.

As a direct result of our community’s generosity, we were able to provide 100 Parent Comfort Packs to the NICUs at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center and Greater Baltimore Medical Center. These packs contained personal care items, coffee gift cards, snacks, gum, hand lotion + more. Many thanks to Balducci’s Food Lover’s Market and reader donations (both in kind and monetary!) for helping us put these together!
Little Lion Challenge Day 2015 - (cool) progeny #littlelionchallenge #littleroars

We were also able to surprise 130 babies in intensive care at Hopkins and GBMC, as well as those in transitioning care at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital with a little bit of love! Thanks to aMuse Toys for co-sponsoring Lion loveys, duopress for providing us with amazing board books, and A Gust of Wind Boutique for the gorgeous, custom organic wooden teethers.
Little Lion Challenge Day 2015 - (cool) progeny #littlelionchallenge #littleroars

Flavor Cupcakery baked the most delicious Little Lion Cupcakes and treated the staff at GBMC’s Milton Dance Head and Neck Surgery Center to a sweet treat. The Miltion Dance team gathered together to sing our little guy Happy Birthday. A definite highlight of our day!
Little Lion Challenge Day 2015 - (cool) progeny #littlelionchallenge #littleroars

Of course, we can’t forget about the nurses, doctors, and medical staff members that treat all of these very special little people. The Best of Luck candy store helped us surprise the teams with candy goody baskets.
Little Lion Challenge Day 2015 - (cool) progeny #littlelionchallenge #littleroars

We teamed up with Tinyhood to create 150 Little Lion Challenge insulated cups with straws (a necessity in a medical environment where you don’t want open containers) for care providers, too.
Little Lion Challenge Day 2015 - (cool) progeny #littlelionchallenge #littleroars

Lots of love to the uber-talented Laura Black for tagging a long with us and photographed the day. A huge thanks to Creative Print Group, Mumaw Claster, Phyllis and Wayne Fegely, The Weisse Miller Law Group, and Timothy Walsh, DDS, for their donations.

It was so wonderful to be able to give back to the places that helped — and continue to help — our little guy and so many other children make a little roar. That was possible because of our donors, partners and participants!

Did You Know You can Donate?

We’re already making plans for next year! Did you know you can make a tax-deductible donation to the Little Lion Challenge and help us comfort another family with a child in a complex medical situation? Click here to donate.

We continue to be humbled and amazed by all of those who help make the Little Lion Challenge the incredible experience that is is every year.  THANKS to all of you who helped us make our Little Guy’s second birthday truly spectacular. Here are just a few of the things we know took place on February 11th….

  • Milton Dance Center. The entire team collected new picture books to give all of the babies in the nursery at GBMC.
  • Jana G. Went to PetValu yesterday, emptied the kids’ change collection into theBARCS Animal Shelter donation bin and bought the foster cats a can of food. This was all at the kids’ request.
  • Karen B. We started the day by taking donuts to dad and his friends at work (they have been very busy lately), next we took donuts to the teachers at the primary school to thank them for all of their hardwork, then we took lottery tickets to our teachers at preschool… And now we are going to look for opportunities to say “hi”, smile at someone, and do other small things to continue our “Little Lion Man Day”! We still have 16 lottery tickets to pass out to random people! smile emoticon Our oldest said “This is the best day ever! I love doing these random nice things!”
  • Jessica S. I am raising money for my local March of Dimes, March for Babies Team in the battle of premature birth, birth defects and infant mortality. Every dime counts!
  • Erika S. I spent the day helping my friend’s father who is homebound with Stage 4 lung cancer. I tended to his needs including a task that nobody wanted, I trimmed his toenails that were quite overdue. Then I did some basic maintenance on his wife’s car so he could feel better about her driving to work each day without him anymore and I ran to the pharmacy for her. This wasn’t what I was originally planning to do for my LLC but it was what was needed for the day and it made me happy to be of use during this difficult time.
  • Lindsey D. Went to our local PetSmart & Banfield and passed out 15 Powerball tickets! I also sponsored 5 bins for a local nursing home!
  • Jennifer K. Payed it forward today by donating over 300 items to SARC of Harford County to help victims of violent crimes.
  • The Bug. Surprised the staff at St. James Academy with sweet treats and made homemade muffins for the kindergarteners. {She also went out and picked out LLM a very special birthday gift: superheroes! ;)}
  • Susan S. Bought 50 pretzels for the Spring-Ford High School Swim Team in honor of their last meet of the season
  • Terri M. Today, in your honor, I helped save some homeless doggies by indicating “interest” on PetHarbor.com. Everyone can do it and it’s so easy! The Moreno County Animal Shelter in Southern California is overcrowded and by clicking on an animal’s picture and indicating interest, they are hopefully given more time and a better chance of finding their forever home. Your day is making a ROAR from coast-to-coast!
  • Margot S. Just donated blood for ‪#‎LittleLionChallenge‬ day!
  • Adrienne R. Happy Birthday,Little Lion, I paid it forward today.. I felt so great all day doing something for someone else.. Can’t tell what I did. It’s a surprise!
  • Professional Nursing Team. Made Little Lion Valentines for their patients.
  • Mary Kay B. Happy Birthday, Lion Man…..I paid it forward at Starbucks for a customer behind me – and will look for other (bigger) instances where I can pay it forward today, and for the rest of the week in honor of you! You are just an amazing kid!
  • Tarah M. Brought breakfast for the men and woman of the Rockville MD State Police Barrack.
  • Cathy W. Donating much needed towels to the primates at the ‪#‎brookfieldzoo‬. Happy 2nd Birthday LLM
  • Deena M. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LLM!!!! Can’t believe you are TWO years old today…Mr. Roger and Miss Deena are taking the LLM Challenge here on the Eastern Shore to celebrate your birthday! This morning Mr. Roger dropped off some much needed breakfast supplies for the HALO Homeless shelter and Miss Deena is in the kitchen (yeah pretty funny isn’t it) making a pot of Ham and Eastern Shore Corn Chowder for VSCOA a local homeless shelter that helps our veterans. See how you are making a difference ALL across Maryland, and beyond I am sure!
  • Marianne D. Treated my early morning Starbucks crew who wake up earlier than I to make sure I have my usual on the way in to work and worry if I am not there by my normal time to lunch. Thanks for going above a beyond.
  • Kat D. So far today, I paid for the person behind me in line at Chick-Fil-A. It is interesting the strange reaction you get from random acts of kindness
  • Kit W. Not too late to rock the ‪#‎littlelionchallenge‬ by giving an extra big tip for my waitress at dinner.
  • Jessica C. Some NICU families are in for a little surprise today.
  • Stacey B. Addie and I are gearing up for the ‪#‎LittleLionChallenge‬ by making doggie treats for the area’s shelter pups. She specifically asked me this morning if we could do this, and it made my heart smile.
  • Mary Kate T. Two very happy kids and a firehouse full of happy firemen after we dropped off cookies for the ‪#‎littlelionchallenge‬. Smiles all around.
  • Patti B. ‪#‎littlelionchallenge‬ started early in Managua, Nicaragua. Books to use for speech therapy for children with cleft palate.
  • Laura H. Gave to the homeless in honor of LLM today.
  • Lindsey S. I hope the teachers and staff of Hampton Elementary enjoy their breakfast in honor of a special little boy.
  • Margaret S. In honor of a very special little boy’s birthday… Donations were collected and made to The Boys and Girls Club of Metropolitan Baltimore for new sports and recreation equipment! ROAR!
  • Sheryl. Brought end-of-the-day snacks for M.S. Teachers.

Did you do something for Little Lion Challenge Day? Drop us a line + tell us about it! You can also visit the Little Lion Challenge event page to see pictures of Little Lion Challenge from around the globe!

Many, many thanks to all of you for helping us put a TON of kindness back into the world. We are beyond grateful.

Much love,
Heather, Pat, The Bug, The Little Lion Man, + BabyM
and the whole (cool) progeny team

Photography by Laura Black, Laura Black Photography