It’s fitting that LEGO® Castle opened at Port Discovery a week before National Engineering Week. It’s definitely an engineering feat — from the lego master builds to actually getting the exhibit into the museum. Some of the elements, including a giant red lego dragon, wouldn’t fit in the elevator.

So the fact that they got it to the third floor is pretty darn impressive. Definitely put those high school physics classes to the test.


If  your kiddos are lego lovers like mine, definitely add a visit to LEGO® Castle to your ‘to do’ list. From building your own castle creations, to dressing up as royalty or knights, to launching the catapult, it’s non-stop LEGO® fun. It’s a mix of hands-on building, dress-up pretend play, castle model investigating, and interactive technology. Exhibit designers from Children’s Museum of Indianapolis really worked to make an immersive experience for kids.

And kids at heart. Because really, what adult doesn’t love legos, too?

Port Discovery has waited years to get this exhibit and their team is thrilled that it’s finally opening. You’ll find LEGO®-themed activities throughout the museum from now through the exhibit closing in September — LEGO® birthday party options, scout and group overnights, craft activities, master builder visits, and more. Their upcoming Evening Adventure is all about building and exploring!

Lego Castle Exhibit at Port Discovery - (cool) progeny

Our first stop was the catapult. A 3-D computer program and model that lets kids virtually build and test the castle walls. Just way (cool).
Lego Castle Exhibit at Port Discovery - (cool) progeny

There are three different lego construction spaces throughout the exhibit, each targeting a different age. Huge blocks for smallest of builders (but the Bug loved them, too), medium-sized blocks for ages 3-6, and tiny blocks for master builders.
Lego Castle Exhibit at Port Discovery - (cool) progeny

Kids can use an interactive module to see what bricks are needed to build different creations. Then head to the stations to build them.

Added bonus? You won’t accidentally stumble on these on your living room carpet. In the dark. At 4 am.
Lego Castle Exhibit at Port Discovery - (cool) progeny

The Bug’s favorite part of the exhibit was the castle, where she could pose on the throne (in a crown, of course) and check out the King’s Treasure Room. In the castle windows, she could also look at the lego model master builds of the real-world Blarney, Arundel, and Neuschwanstein castles.Lego Castle Exhibit at Port Discovery - (cool) progeny

“They are real castles? That’s so cool!” she exclaimed.

You’ll also come across two life-sized lego knights defending the castle. Perfect for photo ops. If your kids sit still. I have one photo of both kids. One kid is crying because I asked him to stand still. I’ll let you guess who.
Lego Castle Exhibit at Port Discovery - (cool) progeny

Pretend play isn’t limited to lords and ladies. Your child can even don a ‘horse suit’ and pretend to joust. {Finally! An opportunity to show them Maryland’s state sport — outside of a visit to the Renaissance Festival!}

… I heard Port Discovery team members may have had a great time jousting themselves. Hopefully there is video. And they share it…
Lego Castle Exhibit at Port Discovery - (cool) progeny

The little guy’s favorite part was the castle slide. However, as mentioned before, he was so excited about the exhibit I couldn’t get a photo of him that’s anything other than a blur.

Big grins though. BIG grins.

{Unless I asked him for a photo.}

LEGO Castle Adventure is open through September 20, 2015 and is locally sponsored by M&T Bank, Stanley Black & Decker and College Savings Plan of Maryland.

Exhibit: LEGO® Castle Adventure

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