Didn’t have a chance to post five moments from last week since we had unexpected site maintenance, so I pulled from the last two weeks. Fitting that I’m posting these as we go into the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. One word sums up these pics: love.

sisterly <3

I do love that my smart phone lets me capture some very real — and wonderful — moments, when they happen.

sneak peek

I am SO EXCITED to share big news from Wee Chic. We had a little photoshoot there and are sharing pics {along with their announcement} in a few weeks. Pretty sure the Bug was channeling her inner Audrey in this shot…

he finally sat still!

Our little guy is a whirlwind! But when he finally decided to sit down, it was to hold his baby sis. Can’t believe he’ll be two next week!

the end of an era

Stopped by our house in Hampden this week to get it ready for a photoshoot. Hit the market on Thursday. So much happened in this — our first — house. Hoping the next owners are half as happy as we were! If you know of someone looking for a great starter home, check out the website.

baby love

This little nugget is getting so big!


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