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Fish Stix is a super-fun visual strategy game that also helps foster beginning math skills!

parent friendliness
intelligence boosting
fun factor
(cool) design
longevity + adaptability

Family game night just got educational — but shhh…. we won’t tell the kids if you don’t!

Fish Stix by Peaceable Kingdom is an award-winning board game that will keep the whole family fishing for points. Think Dominos with an aquatic twist — perfect for non-readers and/or those developing visual spatial or addition skills. Best part? Adults get as much of a kick out of the game as kids! Scored high in our edventure test lab.

To start, players place 1 fish stick in the center of a table where all players can reach it. Give each player 3 sticks, 1 scoreboard, and 6 fish tokens. Players take turns matching fish by color and direction. For every fish matched, a player moves her fish token that number of spaces on her scoreboard. The first player to move all tokens to 10 wins!

Definitely not a ‘bored’ game.

parent friendliness. The game is easy to assemble and it doesn’t take a PhD in game speak for an adult to understand the instructions. LOVE the illustrations and uncomplicated design that won’t keep you hunting for itty bitty pieces under the couch.

intelligence boosting. Will your kid learn while playing? You bet. Really great for kiddos just learning to add up to 10 — but older kids and adults will love coming up with their winning strategy. Great for spatial reasoning, too. No reading required. Manufacturer suggests for ages 5+. We think the game’s sweet spot is ages 5-8.

fun factor. The average game time is half an hour, which can be a long time for a young mind. But time goes quickly because of the pace and challenge.

(cool) design. Peaceable Kingdom works with illustrators to create engaging characters and scenes. Fish Stix is no different! Looks like an award-winning picture book but intentionally designed to give game clues to non-readers and developing learners.

longevity + adapatability.  At $15.99, the game isn’t a budget-buster. That said, of course you want to invest in toys and games that have a shelf life beyond 6 months. Although the game is perfect for learners mastering simple addition, the visual strategy elements are sophisticated enough to engage upper elementary school students, too.

You can find this game at your favorite neighborhood toy store or buy now from Amazon.

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