I’ve gotten to know today’s coffee with interviewee fairly well over the last year because I absolutely love her store. So when we scheduled time to have a cuppa, I asked if I could bring Baby M along. Not a problem! Fantastic.

The baby napped most of our chat, but woke up hungry toward the end. As I flipped her over my shoulder to burp, she projectile spit-up all over. It gushed down the back of my sweater, all over my coat that was draped over the chair, into my purse, and made it’s way to the floor… landing with the intensity of a pitcher of water exploding all over the tile. An audible splash would be the understatement of the year.

I laughed. Mostly from complete mortification. 

Instead of gaze in horror, she quietly got up from the table and grabbed napkins. And helped me clean my coat.

I shook my head and we chuckled. You know. Because we’re moms.

“I literally bought the entire inventory for the store in four days at the New York gift show. With Ari strapped to me in his Boba,” she said, with a grinning sigh. You know, the kind that emerges when you somehow manage to surprise yourself. “It was four days of a lot of room service.”

Kohli Flick, owner of Becket Hitch at Green Spring Station, knows a bit about multi-tasking. She launched her own store just months after the birth of her son. From property management meetings to vendor meetings to merchandising before the store opened, she did it all with baby in tow.

Then the customers came. And the baby was more, well, mobile.

“I had this grand vision of Ari coming to the store with me a few days a week and being this amazing all-things mom and store owner,” said Kohli.

Days after she opened, she called his daycare to see if he could go full-time.  She felt like she was doing neither the mom-thing or the business-owner thing well because she was constantly distracted. It wasn’t fair to either of them.

{I can definitely relate to this. Can you?}

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Although demanding, owning her own business has allowed her to have flexibility to juggle work and parenthood. She’ll work every other Saturday, but her weekday mornings can be bit leisurely since the store doesn’t open until 10.  Need to take an hour for a pediatrician appointment? She can make sure there is staff coverage and fit it in.

“It does take having an amazing staff,” said Kohli.

Have you noticed the gorgeous displays at Becket Hitch?  Kohli is a MICA grad. Yes — that explains it! In fact, MICA lured her from her hometown of St. Louis; JP, the boy she met in college and married kept her here. After college, she worked as a Visual Display Coordinator for Anthropologie and then worked her way up through the ranks at Trohv (formerly Red Tree). After Trohv, she and friend Katie McDonough (you might know Katie from Petal + Print) began setting up maker’s markets around Baltimore under the name Becket Hitch. Artisan marketplaces designed with their visioned aesthetic.

When the space at Green Spring Station became a reality, Kohli asked Katie if she could use the name Becket Hitch for her new store. The name of a nautical knot, it seemed perfect for a uniquely curated home goods and gift store in Baltimore. Katie said yes (of course!) and the rest is history. Katie and Kohli’s collaboration continues — you can nab Katie’s gorgeous floral designs at Becket Hitch on Fridays.

Kohli, JP, and Ari live in Ednor Gardens in Northeast Baltimore. On the weekends, you’ll find them grabbing brunch, on the playground (how great to live near Our Playground at Stadium Place!), or just relaxing as a family.

“I used to love cooking,” said Kohli. “But now it’s a bit of an inconvenience.”

Her trip for getting fresh meals on the table in mere minutes? Blue Apron. A meal-delivery service that ships fresh ingredients to your door with perfectly-proportioned dinners. No meal planning required.

And they literally ship you just what you need — so you don’t have to have a bunch of carrots rotting in the fridge. You just get the 1 or 2 you need for a recipe.

The service has been especially helpful since Ari has a penchant for salmon and broccoli. He won’t touch a chicken nugget or other typical toddler-friendly foods, a bit to Kohli’s chagrin. It would be nice to just throw a few organic ones in the toaster oven for dinner on a particularly hectic night! When they brunch at Miss Shirley’s Cafe, he never asks for applesauce in the kid’s bento box. It’s always broccoli. And it’s consumed first.

What’s next for Becket Hitch? Look for more custom jewelry. Kohli put her jewelry design business on hold while opening the shop. You may just see more of her unique pieces popping up for sale!

coffee with kohli flick, becket hitch - (cool) progeny

{At least, I’m hoping!}

Now to give Blue Apron a try…

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