Get hands on with science this summer at the Maryland Science Center. Explore a variety of programs and topics from exploring the outdoors to whipping up some culinary concoctions. Our youngest scientists can suit up in space gear during 3, 2, 1 Blast Off! while our older campers can suit up in a lab coat to make diagnoses or perfect their skills in woodworking and textiles. There is something for everyone at Camp MSC. This summer—get science!

Advance registration is required. Spaces are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. All camps are co-ed except where noted. A supervised lunch break will take place from Noon – 1pm. Lunch is provided in full day programs. Snack is provided in half day programs.

Age Groups

Lower Elementary School Age (Grades Kindergarten – 2nd; Ages 5-7)
Upper Elementary School Age (Grades 3-5; Ages 8-10)
Middle School Age (Grades 6-8; Ages 11-13)

Before/After Care Options

Extended care options are available! Full day programs include early drop-off and late pick-up options. Half day programs include early drop-off only.

Full Day Programs: add $125.00 (8-9am; 4-6pm)
Half Day Programs: add $50.00 (8-9am only)

Camp Highlights

Tons of fun out-of-the-science-box camp offerings including techno-chefs, wizard training school, crafting with duct tape, bubble science, and more! Younger kids can even roam the moon and make space slime.

2014 Baltimore Summer Camps / Sessions



Nature Crafters, June 29 – July 3
Get creative with the great outdoors. Discover ways to transform trees, flowers, rocks, and dirt into works of art. Extract colorful dyes, unlock the hidden colors inside leaves with chromatography, create a stamp with your favorite vegetables and so much more!

Sky High Science, July 6 – 10
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s science! From copters and catapults to pigeons and parachutes, get ready to take to the skies and discover things that fly, soar, glide, and fall through the air.

On the Move, July 13 – 17
Learn the fun in athletics and exercise. Keep your joints limber as you stretch your way across an obstacle course of your own creation. Play games that will challenge and excite all of your muscles and movements.

Muck and Goo, July 20 – 24
Get your hands dirty with all things slimy, muddy, and messy. Find out what makes mud so squishy and slugs so slimy. Whip up some sticky treats and concoct an oozing chemistry experiment. If it’s a mess, we’re making it!

Wild Island, July 27 – July 31
Use your keen sense of direction to follow the map on a journey across Wild Island. Meet new animals and get out of tricky situations using the power of science. When you leave the island, you’ll have your own knapsack of supplies for the next big adventure.


Icky, Sticky, Sloppy, June 29 – July 3
Get ready to predict, create, and explore some messy science. You’ll test out slimes, dig through dirt, and concoct your own soap for clean-up purposes. Come ready to make a mess!

Wizard Training School, July 6 – 10
Do you love the world of wizards and magic? Do you wonder how it all works? Learn the science behind the magic and become a wizard!

Tape It Up, July 13 – 17
Masking tape, duct tape, electrical tape, double sided tape, and more! Use them all as you explore your favorite adhesive material. Engineer your way into the world of tape.

Eco-Heroes, July 20 – 24
Do you have what it takes to be an eco-hero? Get the dirt on dirt and create your own compost. Experiment with solar energy and wind power, design eco-friendly alternatives to everyday things, and even take a trip to our green roof.

Skywalker’s Galaxy, July 27 – July 31
Enter the order of the Jedi, explore new galaxies, and strive to keep peace and justice present throughout the universe. Create star wars sound effects, use chemistry to free Han Solo from his carbonite prison, and dabble in robotic engineering. May the Force be with you!


Our Favorite Camp Ever, June 29 – July 3
After 8 years and thousands of campers, we know what activities make for some serious fun. We’ve assembled the best into Our Favorite Camp Ever. Experience a drop-it-from-the-roof, build-it-huge, liquid nitrogen ice cream-kind of good time.

Junior MDs, July 6 – 10
Earn your lab coat and surgical scrubs as you make the rounds in human anatomy and physiology. Make diagnoses, practice dissecting and suturing, and explore new biotechnologies.

Science Time Machine, July 13 – 17
Take a trip through time, creating your own reproductions of experiments and inventions from history. From magnetism to microscopes, experience some of the advances that made today’s science possible. Then take a trip to the future to imagine future science and technology.

Problem Solvers, July 20 – 24
Maneuver through mazes, ponder puzzles, and conquer challenges. Design your own science stumpers to confound your friends.

Science Adventure Time, July 27 – July 31
Explore the Land of Ooo through science. Encounter magic and adventure by concocting science experiments that even Princess Bubblegum can’t imagine. The week will culminate in an epic battle to save a princess from the Ice King.


Makers in the Making, July 6 – 10
Looking to gain some new skills? Each day you will be tinkering and exploring with different tools and materials to complete projects in woodworking, electronics, textiles, and more!

Sci-Fi Investigations, July 13 – 17
Take a science tour of your favorite fiction novels. Explore the interplanetary space travel of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, dig into the paleontology and bioengineering of Jurassic Park, learn about geotracking and survival strategies with The Hunger Games, experiment with the physics and herbology of Harry Potter, and investigate forensics with Sherlock Holmes.

Techno-Chefs, July 20 – 24
Whip up some culinary concoctions and sprinkle on a dash of technology. Use chemistry and physics to create innovative cuisine, delve into the biology and psychology of taste, and explore kitchen tool inventions past and present.



Jammin’ In The Jungle, June 29 – July 3
Explore some of the world’s most unusual and lively places, without ever leaving the Maryland Science Center! Crawl through the leaves, bounce between the trees, and tour the airy canopies while meeting some new jungle friends along the way.

Bubblepolooza, July 6 – 10
Experiment with bubble mixes, find out what tools make the biggest bubbles, and discover what bubbles are made of. It will be a bubbly good time as you explore the science behind bubbles.

Sense-sational Scientists, July 13 – 17
Get your eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and hands ready to feel the fun as you experiment with your five senses and explore the sights, scents, sounds, tastes, and textures of science.



3, 2, 1 Blast Off!, July 20 – 24
Put on your flight suit and space boots and find out what’s going on up in outer space. Get messy with our space slime, roam the moon to learn about its surface, and conduct experiments about gravity.

Mini Mad Scientists, July 27 – July 31
Mix, squirt, shake, or squish everyday liquids and solids to create crazy and colorful concoctions in our lab. The lab is fully stocked with eye droppers, measuring spoons, and more simple science tools.


Maryland Science Center, Baltimore City
601 Light Street
Baltimore, MD 21230

Camp Cost

Full Day Program: $340.00 (Non-Member), $325.00 (Member)

Half Day Program: $180.00 (Non-Member), $165.00 (Member)

Contact Information

Jo Ann Bell-Harrison
Phone Number: 410-545-5946

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