Last weekend, Pat and I decided to take all three kids out for lunch. Our first outing since going from man-on-man defense with two kids to zone defense with three.

I like to think we’ve graduated from the rookie parenting stage five and a half years into the game, but I know we looked like a hot mess coming through the doors at Hard Rock Cafe after a morning at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. It was cold and rainy. Baby M was happily snuggled into the stroller — and you all know the last thing you want to do is remove a happily snuggled baby from the stroller (luckily, the cafe crew let us wheel her right to the table!). The Bug was dripping wet from puddle stomping and twirling her umbrella rather than using it. The Little Lion Man? Clearly ready for a nap after running around all morning and on the verge of hangriness. Yes, that is a word.

But we were determined to have lunch.

Luckily, the atmosphere in Hard Rock was perfect for not-so-perfect moods. The staff was great and went out-of-their way to ensure our visit was pleasant. Upon seeing we had medical equipment for the little guy, they immediately came up with a table space that would work for us. Our server had great suggestions and was super friendly with our kids. Ambient music had everyone dancing (the Bug was THRILLED to get to pick out a Katy Perry song and have it played) and masked any mini-meltdowns so we didn’t disturb folks at the neighboring table. The manager even offered to keep my plate of food warm while I fed Baby M (who, of course, woke up hungry as soon as the food hit the table).
kid-friendly dining in baltimore: hard rock cafe - (cool) progeny

I know Hard Rock is the home of the legendary burger —  but Pat and I both were craving BBQ. Hit the spot, especially after our chilly walk.
kid-friendly dining in baltimore: hard rock cafe - (cool) progeny

The Bug had noodles with marinara while the little guy had mac + cheese. Kids meals come served on a guitar — a huge hit with our kids — and the option of fries, fruit, or veggies. My kids opted for the fries since it was a “special occasion.” {{ Side note: My five-year-old turns all outings into special occasions — it’s one of the things I love about her. Truthfully, we should all live life that way!}} In addition to typical kid fare like pizza and fish sticks, you’ll find options for a grilled chicken breast and kid-friendly salad on the Roxstars kid menu.
kid-friendly dining in baltimore: hard rock cafe - (cool) progeny

A family favorite with our crew? Everyone loved the bruschetta. Pat and I, having met and lived in Italy, are a bit of bruschetta purists, but the cream cheese layer under the balsamic tomatoes was a fresh and pleasantly unexpected twist. {And since they had tomatoes, fries on the side for the kids were perfectly ok, right?}
kid-friendly dining in baltimore: hard rock cafe - (cool) progeny

Of course, we couldn’t leave without dessert. Milkshake and  a shared ice cream sundae. Our server recommended the apple pie which was really tempting; however, it has a walnut crust and with LLM’s food allergies, we decided to skip it. Made a mental note to give it a try next time!

By the end of our visit, everyone was satiated and happy.

… and ready for nap time.

Hard Rock Cafe Baltimore

601 E. Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone:  443-559-9158
Restaurant Hours: Sunday – Thursday, 11 AM – 10 PM. Friday and Saturday, 11 AM – 11 PM

GETTING THERE: Located right in Power Plant, next to Barnes and Noble. Can’t miss the towering guitar on the smoke stack! Parking is available in the Lockwood Garage across Pratt Street.

COST: The menu is reasonably priced. Kids meals are $7.95, which includes a drink. You can add kid-sized dessert options for just a few dollars more. And lets be honest, how can you go to Hard Rock and NOT get a milkshake?

FAMILY ACCESSIBILITY: As mentioned, the staff went above and beyond to make sure this was a pleasant dining experience for our entire family. Stroller parking is available by the hostess station. Be aware that the restrooms are located down a flight of stairs.

KEEP ‘EM HAPPY:  Kids receive a coloring book and crayons when they arrive — plus you can wander around the restaurant and check out all the (cool) rock and roll wall bling. The Bug loved dancing to the music (which is all PG rated before 4 PM).



Editor’s Note: Many thanks to Hard Rock Cafe for inviting us to come for lunch!