A renegade picture book that decided to ‘leave’ the library bag — only to be discovered two months later shoved under a couch cushion. Your toddler, a crayon, and the latest cookbook you took out. A tantrum that sends a borrowed CD soaring across the room…

Have kids. Will have library fines. {At least, I do!}

If the fines in your life are starting to add up, Enoch Pratt Library has a GREAT solution: food.

Canned goods to be exact.

Beginning on January 3rd, patrons can bring in a canned good in exchange for $1 off their library fines. There’s no limit on the amount of cans that can be donated! For example, 5 cans = $5 off of your library card fines. Canned goods must be unopened and unexpired to qualify. To participate, just drop the cans off at the Circulation Desk of your local Pratt Library branch.

You have until January 31, 2015 to donate (and save on your fines!). All proceeds benefit the Maryland Food Bank.

Find out more about the Enoch Pratt’s Food for Fines here.

Getting rid of fines never felt so good! #LittleLionChallenge