As (cool) progeny has grown over the past few years, the site has evolved to include a variety of voices; contributors that I am lucky enough to call friends. These women are smart, sassy, fallible moms that are all learning from and laughing about this thing we call parenthood. They are women that I admire. And trust. That’s why you see their stories week after week.

But as I’ve shifted role from daily content developer to content curator, I’ve been told by some that my presence has gotten a little lost on the site. At some of our most recent events, I’ve even had a few readers ask me if I “worked for (cool) progeny.” {Well, yes, I guess you could say that.} Truthfully, I’ve missed sitting down with my laptop and just plain old writing. It’s a luxury I haven’t much had time for in the last year; or, if I’m honest, MADE time for. So one of my 2015 New Year’s resolutions is to be more present — including on this site.

Hence, inspiration for “Five Moments.” Five instagram moments from the last week that I want to remember — and share. It will be a Friday staple on the site. Fun little coffee break.

First Walk

It was such a gorgeous day last Friday, that Baby M went out for her first walk! All we needed was a bunny hat, Boba, and wrap sweater big enough for two. Starting to get the hang of this babywearing thing (only took three kids).

Super B-Man

The toughest little guy I know sporting his new superhero gear from Aunt Patti and Uncle Jack. 

Favorite Memories

One of the things we did on New Year’s Eve was write down all of our favorite memories from 2014 on a chalkboard runner while we ate pizza. It’s the little things.

This is Real Life.

Don’t worry, my parents have everything under control.

Life. Well-Designed.

It’s January 2nd. Time to break out the Day Designer. My inner nerd can barely contain her excitement. Plus it’s so darn pretty.


Thanks for taking a look! Of course, you can always tag along for the beautiful chaos of my everyday life + snapshots of (cool) progeny in action on the (cool) progeny Instagram feed. I’d love to see your five moments, too! Just hashtag them #cpfivemoments.