Looking back at this week. Apparently, it’s been about food… and cute kids. Even when they are screaming.

drool-worthy at family meal

The Bug had I had a chance to check out Family Meal, Bryan Voltaggio’s newest restaurant downtown. You won’t believe what her new favorite food is… Review coming later today!


We started a new family project series on (cool) progeny this week — Drop Everything and Doodle! Each week, we’re sharing a word that your kids can use as inspiration for a doodle project. {Recommend you encourage them to doodle on paper and not walls!} This week’s word is DREAM. Join the project (it’s easy!).

eating. it’s a contact sport.

So thrilled this little guy seems to be over whatever ick has been ailing him since before Christmas and is back to eating more by mouth. Requires goggles, of course.

parenting reality

Lest you think we have it all together in our house… 9 pm is usually when BabyM requests a little one-on-one time with mom. Like this.

 warm up

Wow. Two food posts in one week wrap-up. But had to share because this soup is amazing. Everyone in our house liked it. Definitely stock up and make it this weekend!


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