Nursery spaces. Everyone gets excited about decorating the nursery. And at the center of your nursery design?

The bedding.

I had the hardest time selecting bedding for all three of my kids. I was so indecisive that my mom kindly made bedding for the first two after I picked out the fabric. With Baby M? Yeah, we didn’t have time for that.

Luckily, Wee Chic carries two fabulous nursery bedding lines: Olio and Liz and Roo.

Liz and Roo creates stylish bedding with great prints. All of their bedding created by this woman-owned company is made in the USA. Family-owned and operated Olio has fabulous color and design options — and like Liz and Roo, is made in the USA. {I LOVE founder Annalisa Thomas’ Instagram}.

Both lines are 30% off at Wee Chic at Green Spring Station through the end of January. Lucky YOU!