Have you guys seen the #wedoodle project? It’s a 21 Day Doodle Project created by Andrea Pippins. The thought is that participants spend 10 minutes a day getting in touch with their creative side all around a common theme. Then individuals post their 10 minute doodle on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #wedoodle.

Pretty cool, huh?

The doodles I’ve seen are my IG feed from adults — and no doubt we all need a little more creativity in our lives! But I thought it might be fun to start a doodle project with kids in mind. Because if your house is like mine, there are doodles everywhere.

So, introducing DROP EVERYTHING AND DOODLE. A weekly creativity challenge for the whole family!

Each Monday, we’ll post a word. At some point during the week (maybe at that exact moment you’re ready to pull your hair out because three kids are all screaming at once, one pulled someone else’s hair, someone’s sippy cup didn’t do it’s job and there is fruit punch all over the floor, and dinner should have been in the oven 10 minutes ago…), drop everything and hand your kids a piece of paper and something to doodle with. Could be crayons, could be a pen, could be colored markers — whatever is close. Give them the word and let them go to town. Jump in on the action with them.

Snap a photo and post to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #dropanddoodle. We’ll pick a few to feature in a gallery on the website each week.

Week One Drop Everything and Doodle: DREAM

This week’s challenge is inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Here’s the Bug’s doodle:

Drop Everything and Doodle: DREAM - (cool) progeny

And yes, she is wearing a snowflake dance costume. That’s how we roll in our house.

So bring out the crayons and ask your kids to draw anything inspired by the word dream.

Enjoy the challenge. Can’t wait to see your doodles!