There we were—the hubby and me—in the sonogram room at our obstetrician’s office waiting to see that little eight-week-old blob that would be our baby in 32 short weeks. The tech kept looking at the screen and moving the wand around my goopy belly. Finally, she uttered the words you never want to hear—especially from your sonographer—“How are you with surprises?”

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You all know and love Janelle’s pieces on (cool) progeny, but hands down, OMG, Twins! is my favorite Janelle-writing of all time. It’s sprinkled with hilariousness and reality — and full of a whole lotta love.

The four glasses of wine and denial sound eerily familiar… As do the mixed elation and terror.

Take a minute to read about how her adventures over on Baltimore Magazine’s website. You’ll thank me.

PS: Happy 4th Birthday Z + G! You can see their last birthday party here.